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hansel a german shepherd dog for adoption in corbett oregon

Looking for a German Shepherd dog for adoption in Corbett, Oregon? Hansel is a handsome 4-year-old male. He weighs 80 pounds and is looking for a loving home where he will be taken care of and kept safe and happy. Hansel is a loyal and happy dog who loves to play fetch with a stick and a yellow ball.

He is also very fond of most treats and enjoys going for walks and just hanging out with his human family. Although he likes to lead and be in charge of other dogs, he gets along well with cats and children aged 8 and up. Hansel is housebroken and crate trained and comes with his pillows, pillow covers, and the rest of his food. If you are interested in adopting Hansel, please fill out the online meeting request form. Hansel can’t wait to steal your heart!


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