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Cute Tabby Kitten For Adoption
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Find kittens for adoption near you. Need to rehome a kitten or litter of kittens? Get help from our expert kitten rehoming team today. Click here!

Find Adorable Kittens For Adoption in Your Area

Have you been thinking of adding a new kitten or two to your home? Pet Rehoming Network can help you find the little purring machine to add love, joy and laughter to your life.

Our kitten rehoming program helps owners needing to find a good home for a kitten or litter of kittens to find a home where kitten will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy for life.

So when you adopt a kitten through our service, you know that your new kitten has been pre-loved. Most of the kittens we rehome come with vet records, supplies and accessories. Many have been fully vaccinated, litter-box trained and well socialized.  Adopt a pre-loved kitten today!

Kittens For Adoption in BC

Kittens For Adoption Near You

The kittens detailed below are currently available for adoption. Just click a kitten’s photo to view their adoption story page with full details on how to apply to adopt.

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Braintree ma – 5 mo male f5 savannah kitten for adoption – meet atticus

Braintree MA – 5 MO Male F5 Savannah Kitten For Adoption – Meet Atticus

Braintree, MA – Meet Atticus, a 5 month old F5 Savannah kitten looking for a new home after his owner has developed cat allergies. She just got Atticus in September after a long wait for him (he comes from a breeder in Florida). Sending him back to the breeder means she would lose the she paid for him and a further investment in an expensive flight back to Tampa for him. She is hoping to find him a home in the Quincy/Boston area, in NJ, NY or PA which are also close enough to consider. This little fellow is healthy and has had his shots up to date. He will be rehomed with vet records and breeder information papers. Adopt Atticus today.

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Orange mackerel tuxedo tabby maine coon mix kitten for adoption in modesto california – supplies included – adopt pumpkin

Orange Mackerel Tuxedo Tabby Maine Coon Mix Kitten For Adoption in Modesto California – Supplies Included – Adopt Pumpkin

Looking for a Maine Coon Mix Kitten to adopt in Modesto, CA? Just 18 weeks old and weighing about 5 pounds, Pumpkin is a stunning young kitten with a personality as beautiful as his vibrant red mackerel tabby markings. A healthy and well behaved little fellow, Pumpkin has been litter box trained, and is good with babies and small children, older children, new people, other cat-friendly cats, and dogs that are good with cats.

Pumpkin’s owners are hoping to find a forever home for Pumpkin where this special kitten will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. Pumpkin can be adopted on his own, but why not double the purrs and cuddles, and adopt one or two of his littermates as well?

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