ADOPTED – Orange Tabby Female Maine Coon Mix Cat In Emery South Dakota

ADOPTED – Orange Tabby Female Maine Coon Mix Cat in Emery South Dakota

Hi, My name is Lexi!

Tangerine Tabby Maine Coon Mix Cat For Adoption South Dakota


Have you been waiting for that “purrfect” furry someone to come along and steal your heart? I am an absolutely exquisite cat. I have the most stunning good looks, and a very friendly, affectionate and outgoing personality to match.

I am just 2 years old, and in exceptional health. I have been spayed, and am up to date on my vaccinations. I have also been microchipped. I am a very clean and well behaved kitty. I always use my litter box. My owner is training me to walk on a leash, too.

My personality is something else! I am much like a dog, but in a smaller form and with much less work involved in my care. Just keep my litter box clean, feed me and provide fresh water, add plenty of love and companionnship, and I will be your best friend.

My owner loves me very, very much. Unfortunately she has been unable to find a place to live where the landlord will allow cats. She has looked high and low to no avail. With time running out, she has no other option than to find me a great new home.

My ideal home will be with cat lovers who will cherish me, keep me safe, happy and healthy, and provide me with the companionship I crave. I am not one of those cats that is aloof and stand-offish. I love human companionship. I am very good with children, and I also get along well with other cats and dogs (as long as they get along with me!)

Please offer me the loving, forever home I deserve today. I can’t wait to melt your heart with my sweet Meows, and show you unconditional love in the form of a gorgeous Tangerine Tabby Maine Coon mix.

Purrs and Mews,


Location: Emery, Sd, 57332
Type of Pet: Cat
Sex: Female
Breed: Maine Coon Mix
Age: 1-2
Color/Coat Type: Orange Tabby /longhair
Size: 16 lbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Lexi is:
Spayed, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained, Leash Trained

Lexi gets along with:
Babies, Small Children, Older Children, Dogs, Cats, Horses, Strangers


She is loving, adventurous, and smart! She has no bad habits! Loves a clean sand box and will typically use it right after you clean it! 🙂 She likes someone to be at home with her but she does great independently. When you get home she greets you as though she were a dog excited to see you and wanting attention.

Reason For Rehoming

I have not been able to find a rental that will allow me to keep my cat.