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Balinese Cats For Private Adoption By Owner

Balinese cats are a popular breed known for their long, silky coats and affectionate personalities. If you’re looking to adopt a Balinese cat, Pet Rehoming Network can direct you safely to the right set of paws. We showcase Balinese cats offered for private adoption by caring owners who can no longer care for their beloved pets.

Adopting a cat from a private owner can be a great way to give a loving home to a pet in need and avoid the high costs of buying from a breeder. Keep in mind that adopting a cat requires a long-term commitment and responsibility, including regular vet visits, proper nutrition, and plenty of love and attention. With the right care, a Balinese cat can make a wonderful addition to any family.

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Balinese (long haired siamese) cat for adoption in honolulu hawaii – supplies included – adopt hoku

Balinese (Long Haired Siamese) Cat For Adoption in Honolulu Hawaii – Supplies Included – Adopt Hoku

For adoption in Kaneohe, this beautiful Balinese boy called Hoku!

Aloha! My name is Hoku, and I am a healthy, 12 year old Balinese (Long Haired Siamese) cat. People tell me that I am gorgeous with my big blue eyes and long, silky Chocolate and cream coat.

I am a very sad boy right now. My owner, who loves me dearly, had a terrible stroke, and can no longer care for me. We used to spend every day together. I loved to follow her around, helping keep her company throughout her day. We would spend lots of time snuggling together, and l always slept beside her in bed at night – all cuddled up.

When she got sick, I had to move in with her Grandddaughter, who already has 2 pets and works full time. I am afraid of the other pets and am lost without the attention and snuggles I am so used to getting every day.

Is there a retired cat lover out there in Honolulu and area that is looking for a very special cat like me? Please, if you are able to give me a home where I can be a cherished only cat, and you have lots of time to give me the special times cuddling and following you around that I thrive on, won’t you offer me your home and heart? I cannot wait to meet you and purr my way into your heart and home.

A hui hou nō


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Purebred female balinese cat for adoption in henderson, nevada – adopt marzipan today

Purebred Female Balinese Cat For Adoption in Henderson, Nevada – Adopt Marzipan Today

Hi, My name is Marzipan! I am a grays and whites Female Balinese Cat. I am 12 and weigh . I live in HENDERSON, Nevada. Her loving manner; the way she cuddles; her ‘talking’ to me, her eagerness to be near me. [button link=”” size=”large” variation=”hotpink” align=”center”]Request to Meet Marzipan Here![/button] There is a $50…