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Tabby cat for adoption in san diego california – meet adorable freya

Tabby Cat For Adoption in San Diego California – Meet Adorable Freya

Are you searching for a Brown Tabby and White cat to adopt in San Diego, CA? Look no further than Freya – she’s the cat of your dreams! At just 3 years old, Freya is a special feline who weighs in at 14 pounds. She possesses a unique set of qualities that make her stand out from the rest. Freya is known for her silly antics, empathetic nature, great listening skills, easy trainability, and constant entertainment. Unfortunately, her current owners are unable to keep her due to unforeseen circumstances, but they’re committed to finding her a loving and caring family that will keep her safe, happy, healthy, and well-loved. If you’re looking for an amazing companion and have room in your heart and home for Freya, consider offering her a forever home where she can show you the true meaning of unconditional love. Keep reading to learn more about this sweet fur baby!

Cuddly white & black male cat for adoption in bradenton florida – supplies included – adopt pilot

Cuddly White & Black Male Cat For Adoption in Bradenton Florida – Supplies Included – Adopt Pilot

Looking for a very special white and black cat for adoption in Bradenton Florida, near Tampa and St. Petersburgh? With his soft, white coat, accented in very unique black markings and his mesmerizing green eyes, Pilot would love to be considered for the position of your cherished feline companion.

Beautiful bi-color cat for adoption in houston tx – supplies included – adopt bella

Beautiful Bi-Color Cat For Adoption in Houston TX – Supplies Included – Adopt Bella

Looking for a Bicolor Cat to adopt in Houston, TX? Bella would love to be considered for the position of cherished family pet.

Just 6 years old and weighing 9 lbs, this deserving Bicolor Cat is looking for a loving forever home anywhere within a reasonable distance of Houston.

Bella is what we call a “ready-to-love” Cat. This adorable adoptable Cat has been fixed, fully vaccinated, and housebroken – all you need to add is lots of love, care, companionship, and some daily activity. Bella is an absolute sweetheart and gives the term “velcro cat” a new meaning. Affectionate and friendly, cuddle time is Bella’s favorite time of the day. Her other favorite time of day is play time – Bella loves playing with her feather toys and tunnel best of all.

Bella gets along well with babies and children. What a great Cat!

Bella’s owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished Cat. They are hoping to find a new home for Bella where this special Cat will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. Bella would prefer to be the only pet in her new home but will fit seamlessly into any family. 

If you have room in your heart and home for Bella, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Houston Cat Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Bella and the owners. Adopt Bella today!

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