Hi, My name is Rouxe!

American Pit Bull Terrier For Adoption San Antonio Texas

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There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

Looking for one of the most loving dogs on Earth? Rouxe comes pretty darned close! This big, beautiful boy is a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier. He’s really handsome with a buff colored coat and beautiful green eyes.

Rouxe lives with his owners in San Antonio, Texas, but they will be happy to transport him to Austin, or another location within a reasonable distance for a good home.

Rouxe weighs just 55 pounds, and is 2 years old. He is very healthy, neutered, up to date on his shots and very well house trained. He has undergone obedience training, and is very well behaved with people of all sizes. Rouxe loves little children, and is surprisingly gentle with them.

Rouxe’s owners love him so very much. As often happens, their life circumstances have dramatically changed since they welcomed Rouxe into their lives. Where they used to live in a house with a large, securely fenced yard, they now live in a 3rd floor apartment in the city.

This is not a good situation for Rouxe. He has no yard to call his own, and with so many other dogs around, he is always on alert, not knowing where his “territory” actually is.  Rouxe feels anxious around strange dogs, and being in such close proximity to them has made him act aggressively towards them.


Roux has always gotten along very well with his canine sibling. It is just strange dogs that make him anxious and territorial.

His owners are hoping to find this special dog the home he needs and deserves. His ideal home will be with a family with no other pets, who are looking for a devoted dog they can cherish. Rouxe will need to be placed with a family or couple who own their own home, and who have a securely fenced yard for him to call his own.

A home in the country would be the very best situation for him, but a suburban home is fine, too, so long as he can be kept safe and away from strange dogs.

Rouxe will be rehomed with a long list of supplies, and with the sincere gratitude of his current owners, who would very much love to keep in touch with him once he is adopted. (Hopefully that would be OK with you!)

Please offer Rouxe a loving, forever home today. He can’t wait to meet you.

Request to Meet Rouxe Here!

There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

All About Rouxe

Name of Pet: Rouxe Location: San Antonio, TX, 78240 Type of Pet: Dog Breed of Pet: American Pit Bull Terrier Sex of Pet: Male

Age of Pet: 2 Spayed/Neutered?: Yes Health Problems: Has grass allergies. Well controlled with medication. Injured a ligament, which has healed well, but left him with a slight limp. Overall a very healthy young dog. Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes Gets along with cats: Unknown Gets along with dogs: No Good with Children?: Yes House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes Crate Trained?: Yes Accessories Included:

Rouxe will come with: *a complete list of medications, two in total available at any pharmacy * 1 slip leash * 1 collar * 1 food bowl * 1 mesh muzzle * 1 KONG toy * 1 small dog bed from our krate

Rouxe’s Personality

We love how well he is with people.
We love his way of always having more energy to play.
We love how he is not a barker.
We love how he knows:
We love his big pit bull smile that is always on his face.

Rouxe’s Current Home Environment

My husband and I work 8-12 hr shifts daily sometimes on opposite schedules so Rouxe and our other dog are on their own mostly through the day. We live currently in a 2 bedroom apartment on the 3rd floor so he is taken out at least twice a day to use the potty. He chews on his antlers no Nyla bones throughout the day.

Rouxe’s Current Family:

We are a happily married young couple who have been dog owners for 6 years. We love dogs and getting out and playing with them. This includes walks, parks, and hikes.

Rouxe’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Rouxe loves to play with other people when he is playing with his toys. He loves squeecky toys, rawhide, balls, etc. He doesn’t play fetch for too long but he will still play with the ball by himself. He LOVES Kong toys with LOTS of peanut butter. He is exceptionally lean so we never skimp out on that.

Cute Rouxe Story:

Every moment with Rouxe is definitely heartwarming. There isn’t an evening that goes by that we don’t get a big cuddle with Rouxe on the living room floor. As far as a particular moment that sticks out, every time you want to play with him on the floor or sitting in a chair he will put all of his weight into a lean towards you because he just wants to be next to someone all the time.

Why is Rouxe Being Rehomed?

As great of a dog Rouxe can be, he can be hard to handle when other dogs that he doesn’t know are around. We live in an apartment complex full of dogs so going on a walk is always very difficult because he becomes hard to handle, High aggression towards other dogs. We moved to Texas from living in a house with a yard so this smaller apartment is not working out for him. We have to constantly leave Rouxe behind when we go to the park because with there being other dogs involved we wouldn’t want anything or any pet to be compromised. He has had two incidents where Rouxe was the aggressor.

Rouxe’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

We are looking for a family who will unconditionally love our Rouxe as much as we do. People who will play with him and give him the time of day he deserves. Preferably a place with a gated yard so he can run around and feel free to do so. This home also has to be a 1 dog home. He has never been introduced to a cat so we are unsure if that will work. Also smaller pets like hamsters or birds will be new territory for Rouxe.

Additional Comments:

We are very sad to say good bye to a dog that has been such a large part of our small family but unfortunately our current living situation is not good for him. He is very stressed out by the close proximity of so many large strange dogs. Rouxe needs a nice yard and a family with a large open heart to thrive. If you would like to meet Rouxe or have any questions please ask.