ADOPTED – Adorable Scooter and Nico – Mini Pins Glendale CA

Hi, We are Nico and Scooter!
Scooter and nico

 I am Nico, a black and tan 9 year old Mini Pin. My amigo shown to the right of me, is Scooter. Scooter is a little older than me (age 11) and a little bigger  but lacks my snappy sense of style, he’s used to meeting people at the door and likes catching rats  (if you need that sort of thing).  I am more of a watch dog that barks than a “go get ’em” sort of pup.

Scooter  does “cute”.  I do “handsome”.  Scooter is a bit of a lapdog and likes to curl up there with people. I prefer cuddling in bed near your head and all the nice pillows. I also like to hide under the covers or play.   As you can see, we are both very nice dogs, but different from each other.

There is more to our story. We are two rescued Mini Pin dogs who could really use a change in living arrangements.  You see, we currently live in a home with a number of other rescued dogs and it is tough for us to feel comfortable.  Our natures make us a little jumpy and fearful of other dogs – even each other.  We are ready for a nice quiet home for a change.

When you’ve lived the life of a rescued dog, it is hard to feel really comfortable unless you know that your home is just for you.  With both of us loving attention so much, it gets really hard to be ourselves in a home with so many other dogs.

Our family used to be bigger, but the wonderful people who rescued us split up and the family that remains just has too much trouble giving us the life that we need.

With all the other dogs in the home, there are not enough people to give us the love and attention that we need. For affectionate pups like us, it is a tough situation.

Scooter and I are really hoping to find homes of our own so that we can each finally live the life that every dog desires. To be the only dog of the family and be one who gets and gives all of the attention.  We love the idea of just us and our people,  no worries about other dogs and sharing attention. We currently live in Glendale CA, but are willing to relocate to nearby places in the state if it is convenient.  We’ve had all of our shots and been micro-chipped and because of our nervous natures, we are used to being crated when left alone.
It can be embarrassing, but around other dogs, and with no humans to remind us, our nervousness makes us forget  about going at the right time and place.  We hope that you understand.

Scooter would be very happy as the dog who provides company and looks after you . He doesn’t need much activity or attention to be happy, just some rubs, treats and sensitivity.

Me (Nico) I still like to play a little and would love a home without kids around so that I can be the center of attention.  A single adult or couple who have the time to spend with me would be great!

All About Scooter + Nico

Name of Pet: Scooter + Nico
Location: Glendale, CA, 91201
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Both are MinPins
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: Scooter (11), Nico (9)
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: Yes
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: No
Good with Children?: No
House Broken or Litter Trained?: No
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: Both are microchipped.

Scooter + Nico’s Personality

1. Super cute
2. Sweet and loyal
3. Lap dog
4. Great at catching rats
5. Greets you at the door
1. Handsome
2. Very smart
3. Good watch dog
4. Likes to cuddle at night
5. Craves and responds to attention

Scooter + Nico’s Current Home Environment

We have 5 small rescue dogs. While 3 of them get along great, we know Nico and Scooter would be happy as only children because of their fearful natures around the other (sweet) dogs. We feed the dogs in the morning and night, and give them good attention during the day. When we’re home the dogs are free to roam most of the house and backyard. When we’re not able to be around, we have our housekeeper come by 3 times to let the dogs out and play. When we’re away, Nico and Scooter are crated (because they can’t reliably hold it) while the other dogs roam.

Scooter + Nico’s Current Family:

We (my neice and I) live together with our 5 rescue dogs in a small casita in Glendale, California. Before my neice moved in, I lived with my former life-partner. Because of our mutual love for animals , we ended up rescuing at least one dog off the streets or from our neighborhood each year we were together until we had reached nine dogs. In 2012, he abandoned our home just as it was about to go into foreclosure and left me to sort everything out. Fortunately I was able to provide and care for them. Over time, I have three of the nine dogs to age and given one away. I would really like to see Nico and Scooter live out their lives in an optimal situation– one in which they are only pets, as they seems less socialized than the others. It has been unfair to them to force them into a veritable ‘pack,’ when what they have needed most is a one-on-one situation.

Scooter + Nico’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Scooter’s favorite things are to be petted, given treats, and to sleep on your lap.

Nico likes to climb onto your head and shoulders at night, to sleep under blankets, pillows or sheets, and to play tug of war. He also is a big fan of treats.

Cute Scooter + Nico Story:

I call Nico my little italian playboy because he has such devastating good looks.

Why is Scooter + Nico Being Rehomed?

Both dogs would be happier as only children. We have 5 rescue dogs and Scooter and Nico are not very well socialized. They are always fearful with the other very sweet dogs. It would allow us to give the remaining dogs better positive attention as well.

Scooter + Nico’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Scooter and Nico need to be in one dog homes.

We imagine Scooter as being very happy as the dog to an old lady and her caretaker. He doesn’t need much activity or attention to be happy, just some rubs, treats and sensitivity.

We imagine Nico would do great with an affectionate, attentive individual or couple. He doesn’t get along well with children.

Additional Comments:

I have taken in 9 rescue dogs, and am still trying to provide the best care for my 5 dogs. The reason I would like to find homes for Scooter and Nico is to improve not only their quality of life, but also the quality of life of the other three dogs in my care in the most humane way. I care for all of them very much. If there is any way for you to provide this service for our Scooter and Nico free, it would make a world of difference for us. Thank you!