ADOPTED – Sippi – Miracle Dog – Fairhope Alabama

Hi, My name is Sippi!

Lab Mix For Adoption in Mississippi

Location: Fairhope, AL, 36532 (close to Mobile)
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed – Labrador, Border Collie, Pit Bull
Age: 2 years
Color/Coat Type: Black, short hair
Size: 55 lpbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues:Β Does not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Needs family who work from home, a stay at home mom, or senior or semi-retired.

Sippi is:
Spayed, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, House Broken, Leash Trained

Sippi gets along with:
Babies, Toddlers, Small Children, Older Children, Dogs

Sippi is as cute as a bug’s ear. This adorable rescue dog escaped death by the skin of her teeth when she was just a puppy. She was adopted from a shelter 2 days before the her brothers and sisters, still in the shelter, were euthanized due to a Parvo outbreak. Sippi was successfully treated for Parvo, and has blossomed into the sweet creature she now is. She is truly a miracle dog!

Sippi is such a loving dog. She loves everyone and is a real cuddle bug. She loves to snuggle and considers herself to be a lap dog, despite weighing 55 pounds. She is very devoted and loves to be around her people. She is great with kids of all ages, from babies and toddlers to teens and adults. She is gentle and sweet, obedient and a little playful, too. She is one of those dogs that captures your heart within moments of meeting her.

Sippi’s owners love her so much. They are devastated to have to look for a good home for her, but their situation is not ideal for Sippi. She suffers from separation anxiety, and when she is left alone, she gets very anxious. Due to some destructive behavior as a result of her anxiety, the owners have had to crate her for long periods of time while they are at work (7 am to 6 pm 5 days a week. She does not have a fenced back yard to play in, so she is not able to get the activity and exercise she needs and deserves.

Sippi’s perfect home will be with a family, couple or single with plenty of time to spend with her. She is fine being crated for a few hours, but should not be left alone all day long while the owners work. Someone who is home most of the time would be perfect for her.

Lab Mix For Adoption in Mississippi 2

Sippi would love a large, securely fenced back yard to play in, and even a dog friend or two to hang out with. She loves treats and bones, playing with toys, and most of all – cuddles!

Please offer this miracle pup the loving home she needs and deserves. She is definitely a dog that gives much more than she receives. She just needs the right home with people who can be with her to give her the reassurance she needs that all is well in the world.

Sippi will be rehomed with all supplies, including her crate. Please offer her a loving, forever home today.



At 10 weeks old we rescued Sippi from an Animal Shelter in Mississippi. The very next day after adopting her she became very ill. We took her to the vet who told us she had parvo virus. Her entire litter was put down at the shelter a few days later. Sippi made a miraculous recovery.

She has always been very sweet, but we were advised that she is slower at learning than her peers due to her illness at such a young age. We believe this is why she goes through phases of anxiety and chewing. She does well with almost any other dog and is good with children.

She is extremely cuddly and not overly hyper. She does get excited around new people and loves attention. She loves treats and bones. She has made us very happy and it is very hard coming to terms with letting her go.

However, it is in her best interest to be somewhere that she can have more attention and freedom to run in a backyard, both of which we can not provide her due to our work schedule.

Reason For Rehoming

We have gone through training, given toys and medication. It has not helped. We have been relocated for work and we are gone from the home from 7:30 AM – 6 PM (minimum) 5 days a week.

We have had her for 2 years and she has become a part of our family. She needs a lot of attention and with our jobs we are unable to provide that to her.