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Find Vizsla Dogs and Puppies For Adoption By Owner Near You

Pet Rehoming Network specializes in private dog rehoming. We unite Vizsla owners faced with the heartbreaking situation of having to rehome a dog with Vizsla lovers looking for pre-loved dogs and puppies to adopt.

Through our safe, effective and stress-free Vizsla rehoming process, each dog is very gently transitioned from one loving home to another. We help keep Vizslas out of shelters and rescues, allowing these important organizations to focus on dogs in dire circumstances of abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Adopt a Vizsla Dog or Puppy Near You

Listed below are privately owned Viszla dogs and puppies looking for good homes. Each Viszla will be rehomed with all supplies and vet records, and you will have the opportunity to meet the owner to have any questions about the dogs’ history, personality, care routine, health and behavior answered. Adopt a preloved Hungarian Viszla today.

Vislas For Adoption