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Hi, My name is Buddy!

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There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

Buddy is a handsome healthy 9 year old male purebred American Cocker Spaniel for adoption in San Antonio TX. Buddy is hard of hearing, but otherwise very healthy. He is a medium sized dog at 47 pounds.

He is well behaved and house trained. Fixed, shots and micro-chipped. Buddy needs a home with people who can be with him most of the time, or where he will have another dog to keep him company. He loves kids and other dogs. Adopt him today. $75 rehoming fee. Supplies included.

Location: San Antonio, TX, 78249
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 9
Color/Coat Type: Black, typical coat type for a Cocker and we keep him clipped fairly short.
Size: 42
Health Issues: Hard of hearing.
Behavior Issues: He needs companionship

Buddy is:
Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Leash Trained

Buddy gets along with:
Small Children, Older Children, Adults, Dogs


Buddy is a very loving dog. He is as sweet as they come. While I did not check (see below) the boxes for babies, toddlers, and cats in answering who he gets along with, the reason is that I have not seen him around babies, cats and toddlers. I think he would get along with any people and animals, and I know he gets along well with kids, adults, and dogs for sure.
I think Buddy would be great in any situation where he has regular companionship, such as any household where he is not left alone for days on end. He was alone for a full day last week when his companion dog was at the vet and he did no damage, so I was encouraged by that.

Food and Diet

Buddy is currently on Other

I usually feed him Beneful. I feed him in the morning and evening and keep water supplied to him all day.

Reason For Rehoming

After addressing Buddy’s lonliness by acquiring a companion dog for him, the problem was solved. Now Buddy’s companion is sick and may not live much longer. We want to find a good home for Buddy soon, so that when his companion passes he will not have grief and he will already be with his new home.

How to Adopt Buddy

If you would like to consider offering Buddy a loving, forever home, please fill out our Request To Meet A Pet form here:

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Once received, we will contact you to discuss your request and set up a mutually convenient time to meet Buddy and their owner in their home.