Sweet and Loving Calico Girl Seeks Foster Home For 12 Months – All Expenses Paid – Broomfield Colorado


Chloe is such a sweet little cat. She is 16 years young and still going strong. This lovely little girl is the cherished companion of Terri, who is in a difficult situation. She is on a temporary work assignment in Colorado, staying in a home where the owners have cat allergies. She cannot have Chloe with her, as much as she wants to.

Terri is dearly hoping to find a loving foster home for Chloe. Chloe is in need of a quiet environment with a cat lover who will cherish her. She loves to be brushed, and is very affectionate. Chloe loves to sunbathe in the window and watch birds and other critters outside. She still likes to play every now and then, and will at at her favorite feathered toy.

Chloe has been declawed, so needs to be in a home where she feels safe. She is OK with cat-friendly dogs. Other cats make her nervous. Older, cat friendly kids would be fine, as long as they understand she is a senior citizen, and treat her with gentleness and respect.

Chloe has hyperthyroidism, which is very common in older cats. She just takes a “treat” twice a day, and that’s all that is required to care for the condition.

If you can offer Chloe a loving foster home for about a year, the owner would be so very grateful. She will take care of all of Chloe’s supplies (food, litter, medication). She would love to be able to visit with Chloe every now and then, so long as that is OK with you.

To offer Chloe a foster home, please get in touch with Debbie Moore. You can call toll-free at (888) 720-3322 or send an email to findmypetahome@gmail.com