REHOMED – Terrific Twosome – Kicsi & Bruno – Adorable Purebred Yorkie Brothers – San Diego


Kicsi and Bruno found their forever home in the form of a retired couple with tons of time to devote to them. They are now living with their new owners in San Diego, and being cherished!

Meet Kicsi and Bruno!

This amazing pair of Yorkshire Terrier brothers are looking for the best home ever in the San Diego area. They are both neutered, up to date on shots and perfectly house broken.

Both boys are 8 years young. Kicsi is the larger of the two at 12 pounds, while Bruno is more petite at just 7 pounds.

These Yorkies are exceptional. They are so well behaved, quiet and affectionate. Both boys have been well trained and even know a few tricks. They are crate trained, come when called, are able to let you know when it is time to go out to pee, and are very good going for walks on a leash. They only bark when there is someone at the door.

Both boys are quite healthy, although they do have some allergies and food sensitivities . They require a special diet and occasional treatment for allergies. The owners will provide all veterinary records.

Their owners love these boys so very much.  They dogs were adopted overseas, and have been with the couple on their many travels as a military family. However, having started a family, and with a toddler and a baby on the way, it has become apparent that the dogs are very nervous around small children. The owners feel that the boys would be better placed in a home with older adults who can dote on them. They are such well behaved dogs and exceptional companions. They would be so well suited for a retired or semi-retired couple or single person who have lots of time to adore them. They would love to have a securely fenced yard to play in, or at the very least, owners who will give them lots of outdoor time. Both dogs get along with other dogs.


The family would be so happy to be able to keep in touch with Kicsi and Bruno, so hopefully that would be OK with you.

If you have a loving home and heart with room for a special pair of dog brothers, please offer Kicsi and Bruno a home today. This is a pair of pooches that will most definitely leave paw prints on your heart.


All About Kicsi & Bruno

Name of Pet: Kicsi & Bruno
Location: San Diego, CA, 92108
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Yorkshire Terrier
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: 8
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: No
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: They have an extra-large wire-frame kennel with a big sleep-cushion. They also have another large lounge cushion for the living room and two small travel kennels.

They have two bowls for food, a water dish, and any food, treats, and medication we have at the time of adoption. We’ll also provide vet information for ease of follow-up care/ prescription refills.

Bruno has a few small stuffed toys, and of course their leashes and harnesses.

Kicsi & Bruno’s Personality

They’re so smart! They know their basic commands and can communicate yes/no answers. (“yes” is a twirl) They seem to understand a lot of when we tell them.

They know when they need to “go outside” and will communicate it by pacing and gesturing at the door or coming and placing a paw on your leg.

They’re very loving little guys. They express it in different ways, but they both just want to love and be loved.

They’re obedient. They come when called, even if it’s kennel time. While they don’t get much off-leash time, they do well keeping pace and will heel with a clap or whistle.

They’re pretty quiet for little dogs. They’ll bark when someone comes to the door, but that’s about it. Most of their communication is non-verbal.

We might be biased, but they’re some of the best-looking yorkies we’ve ever seen.

Kicsi & Bruno’s Current Home Environment

For most of their lives, Kicsi and Bruno have had a yard. Since this past winter, however, we’ve been living in an apartment in a dog-friendly complex. The dogs spend most of their days indoors since we’ve moved here.

It’s a pretty mellow environment, save for having a pre-schooler.

Kicsi & Bruno’s Current Family:

We’re a military family of 3 with another one on the way. We’ve traveled a lot both for work and for recreation – Our dogs were actually born in Hungary and adopted in Italy!

Kicsi & Bruno’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Bruno has a few stuffed toys that he likes to play with.

Kicsi doesn’t have any toys that he’s really claimed, but he and Bruno both like playing keep-away, tug-o-war, and fetch (kinda.)

Both dogs LOVE apples and cheese. Dehydrated sweet-potatoes are also a favorite treat. For something chewy, they like Dingo treats.

For meals, Kicsi is happy to eat just about anything, but Bruno doesn’t like most (healthy) dry kibble. We’ve been feeding them Fresh Pet brand food and they both love it.

Cute Kicsi & Bruno Story:

A few years ago when at an aunt’s house, we left our dogs to play in her back yard while we visited inside. After a little while we peeked out to check on the dogs to find that Bruno had escaped. We ran up and down the street calling him, around the block and found nothing. We returned to the yard and found an opening in the fence that opened to a small field behind the property. Sure enough, there was Bruno frolicking and playing with a bunny.

Why is Kicsi & Bruno Being Rehomed?

Our family is growing and our dogs aren’t comfortable with kids. We’re not able to commit the time at home with them like we used to either. We love them, they’re excellent dogs, but after a few years of trying to make it work its time to admit that it’s just not working out anymore – for us or for the dogs. They deserve to be in an environment where they’re celebrated and cherished.

Kicsi & Bruno’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I think the dogs would do best in an adult home, or home with older children/teenagers.
We want someone who can provide a yard or lots of outdoor time.
These boys need love and affection and will thrive with someone who can spend a lot of time with them.


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