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Hi, My name is Roxy!

American Bulldog Boxer Mix Dog For Adoption in Denver CO

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There is a $50 adoption/rehoming fee. All supplies will be included.

Roxy Boxer Mix For Adoption Henderson NevadaRoxy is such a wonderful family companion. This 7 year old 64 pound bundle of love adores children and is a very affectionate and devoted dog. She is so smart and very obedient. She loves to cuddle and is always up for doing stuff with her people, whether it is going for a walk, a ride in the car or a swim.

She still likes to play, but is not overbearing about it. She’s very well behaved in the house, and is perfectly house trained.

Roxy is healthy, up to date on her shots, spayed and microchipped – a ready-to love dog.

Roxy boxer mix for adoption henderson nevada 3Roxy’s owners love her so very much. Sadly, the dog dynamics in their home have changed, and her canine house mate suddenly and inexplicably started to become aggressive towards Roxy. Despite the family’s best efforts working with a dog behaviorist and their vet, Roxy continues to be the target of the other dogs aggression, and they been advised that the best course of action is to find Roxy a home where she will be safe and happy.

Her ideal home will be with a loving family who own their own home and are looking for one special pet to cherish. She would love to have a securely fenced back yard to play in, and people who will give her the love, attention, play time and exercise she needs and very much deserves.

Roxy would be fine with a family with children – or a retired couple looking for a nice companion to spend time with.

Please offer this delightful girl the loving home she needs and deserves today. She is amazing.

All About Roxy

Roxy boxer mix for adoption henderson nevada 2

I am a Brown/white/black Female American Bulldog/Boxer/Australian Cattle Dog mix. I am 7 years old and weigh 64 lbs.. I live in Henderson, CO.

Here is what my owners love the most about me:

1. Very smart and obedient

2. Very loving and cuddly
3.Loves going out (walks, rides, swimming, etc.)
4.Playful but not too high energy
5.Not destructive

Name of Pet: Roxy
Location: Henderson, CO, 80640
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: American Bulldog/Boxer/Australian Cattle mix
Sex of Pet: Female

Age of Pet: 7
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: No
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: Metal crate, dog bed, chew toy, food (Hills Science Diet), collar, leash.

Roxy’s Personality

Roxy is a great family dog. She is very loving and loyal to her people. She is very smart and eager to please, which makes her very easy to train. She has been through obedience training and knows all of the basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, and wait. She also knows a few tricks such as speak, high five, dance, and take a bow. She is mostly calm and a little lazy, however, she can get in a playful mood sometimes as well. She loves getting attention. If she had her way we would pet and hug her all day!

Roxy’s Current Home Environment

We have a 3 story house with a big back yard and a dog run. We live in a very calm, quiet neighborhood.

Roxy’s Current Family:

We are a family of four, 2 adults and 2 kids. We also have another dog. Unfortunateley, the dogs do not get along.

Roxy’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Roxy loves going on outings. She likes car rides, walks, and swimming. She likes playing in water, rain and snow. Her favorite foods are cheese and peanut butter. She absolutely loves stuffed animals, but she is a powerful chewer so she will break them open in a matter of minutes. We have to keep them out of her reach! We give her Nylabones and Kongs. She doesn’t ever chew on furniture or shoes, just her toys.

Cute Roxy Story:

I’ll never forget the first time we found out how much she likes the rain. She was a puppy. We took her for a car ride while it was raining outside. She was hanging her head out of the window and trying to catch the rain drops with her mouth! It looked so funny to see her biting at the air with her eyes closed, we couldn’t stop laughing. Every car that pulled up beside us cracked up too! We decided we’d better find her goggles for next time!

Why is Roxy Being Rehomed?

Despite our best efforts, our dogs do not get along. We have tried professional training and keeping separated. They have gotten into two fights. Both times Roxy was the one we had to rush to the vet for stitches. We want her to live in a stress free environment while we work with a professional to fix out other dog’s aggression issues. Roxy is an amazing dog and she deserves to live out the rest of her life without fear and anxiety.

Roxy’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Roxy needs someone who will love her and treat her like she is part of the family. She needs to be taken on walks and outings often. She is well trained and eager to please so she needs a strong “pack leader” that will give her rules and boundaries and maybe even teach her some new tricks! She would be happiest in a home with no cats or dogs, and no children or older children ages 10+.

Additional Comments:

Aside from the scab on the back of her neck, she is all healed up from the fight. However, if she were to have any other complications, we would be happy to assist with any vet costs that the new owner would incur.