American Bulldog Pitbull Mix Dog For Adoption Near Calgary in Drumheller AB – Supplies Included – Adopt Harley

Looking for an American Bulldog Pit Bull Terrier mix Dog for adoption near Calgary in Drumheller? Harley is such a sweet dog. At just 2 years old and weighing about 50 pounds, this awesome dog has been spayed, fully vaccinated and house trained.

Aged 2 and weighing pounds, Harley will be rehomed with supplies and veterinary records – a ready to love pet. Visit Harley’s adoption story page to learn all about this special American Pit Bull Terrier mix looking for a good home in or near Drumheller, Alberta. She is located within a reasonable distance of Calgary, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. Adopt this striking American Bulldog mix today.

Facts About Harley

♥ Name of Pet: Harley
♥ Location: DRUMHELLER, Alberta  T0J0Y2
♥ Type of Pet: Dog
♥ Breed of Pet: American Bulldog  American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog
♥ Color / Coat Type: Tan with dark markings on face
♥ Age of Pet: 2
♥ Size of Pet: medium
♥ Weight: 60
Good with cats?: No
Good with dogs?:No
Good with small kids?:Yes
Good with older kids?:
♥ Health Problems: No
♥ Behavior Issues: Yes She tried to attack other animals so I had her fixed to see if that would help but it didn’t. She has hurt cats and I’ve had to pay for the vet bills. She is my husband’s dog but he has been away for a year and I just can’t do it anymore because bylaw makes me keep her tied up and when she gets off her chain she will jump the fence and go attack any animals she can find. I’m also moving and cannot find a place that will allow me to keep her as I have other pets as well.
♥ Fixed: Yes
♥ Fully vaccinated: Yes
♥ House Broken: Yes
♥ Tattoed/Microchipped: No

All About Harley

Harley’s Personality

Harley is an amazing family pet. She loves my children the most and is very protective of her family. Harley is very sweet and calm until she sees other animals. She has never hurt a person and never would. Harley loves to cuddle and will lay there for hours with me when I go for naps or at bedtime. She has had one litter of puppies which is when she became aggressive towards other animals. She is trained to use the bathroom outdoors, she sits and shakes a paw when told to. She comes when called even when she has left the yard, as soon as she hears her name she comes back.

5 Things That Make Harley Extra Special

  1. How she snuggles with us anytime we want
  2. How sweet she is , she is such a sweetheart
  3. She is smart when it comes to learning tricks
  4. How funny she is when mom brings out the rubber chicken at playtime
  5. How loving she is , especially with children. She loves all children not just mine.

Harley’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Her favorite toy is the rubber chicken, not sure if it’s the sound it makes but she goes bonkers over it ! It’s hilarious to watch! She will end up eating it if you don’t grab it from her after she goes and fetches it tho. She doesn’t care for other toys, she will eat other toys as well. She loves IAMS puppy food.

Harley enjoys being outside, she has an old tire that she refers to as her bestie, she will lick it, knaw on it, and get it standing up and roll it around the yard. I usually chain her up to her tire so that she can still walk around the yard , she doesn’t mind it. She also loves road trips, she comes with me everywhere.

She is excellent in the vehicle and can handle long trips as well. She likes to play by the water and gather sticks to chew on, she loves bacon strip treats. Harley enjoys sleeping with us in our bed but is also comfortable with being in her kennel as well.

Cute Harley Story:

Harley goes nuts over he rubber chicken, she doesn’t like to share it, even if she hears it make a sound she will know right away and go looking everywhere for it. If I hold the chicken up in the air she will jump higher than any other dog trying to get it. It’s really funny and sometimes we don’t stop laughing cuz it’s that funny.

Harley loves having behind her ears rubbed/scratched. It drives her crazy because of how good it feels for her. Loves tummy rubs and getting attention of any kind.

Why is Harley Being Rehomed?

Please see above.

Harley’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I require Harley to go to a loving home where there are no other pets, where she will be well taken care of and provided with the things she needs to keep her happy. Harley needs lots of love, she is very shy at times and will act fearful of someone if she doesn’t know them at first.

Harley remembers everything so it’s important not to hurt her or yell at her when she does something she shouldn’t do like get into the garbage or eats something like shoes, toys, etc. Harley never forgets when someone was mad at her and she will shy away from them and she won’t trust the person again, she is extra sensitive in regards to her feelings and extremely loyal so it’s important not to mistreat her.

She needs a home where there is someone who isn’t gone long periods of time as she will cry, she needs a family that will spend time training her properly due to her aggression towards other animals. She needs a family that can handle her and take the time needed to help her become more calm towards other animals, a family with experience with animals in this regard.

Also, she needs regular vet checkups and her tummy is sensitive so she required good food that won’t be hard on her stomach otherwise it’ll make her puke. She also enjoys regular road trips anywhere or rides to random places or fields to be set free to run. Harley gets stressed easily if she isn’t familiar with someone or a place and sometimes she won’t eat or use the bathroom when she feels this way so it’s super crucial that her new family gives her tonnes of love and pets.

Additional Comments:

My children and I require updates on Harley for at least the first year she is gone. We are only rehoming her because we have no other choice and being a single parent with other pets right now has made it very difficult and stressful to manage with her, especially when she gets lose and attacks other animals.

I do not have the time to train her as I should because I’m in school, working, have a family to take care of, and other animals. If Harley isn’t with a family that has experience in training animals then she will end up killing another pet which will lead to lawsuits and her being put down which is not what I want for my girl.

It’s so crucial that the right home for her be carefully chosen and evaluated before placing her in one. I want Harley to continue to be cared for with lots of love provided, and for her to live a long healthy happy life with her new family. I also do not want Harley to continue needing to be tied up, she should have a larger area where she can walk around but it needs to also be fenced otherwise she will roam far from home. Being tied up all the time isn’t good for her and it makes my heart sad.

Questions about Harley?

Contact our DRUMHELLER Dog rehoming team today. Text “Harley” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Harley’s Location

Harley is located near the following towns and cities in Alberta.

Airdrie AB,
Cochrane AB,
Crossfield AB,
Okotoks AB,
Irricana AB,
Black Diamond AB,
Strathmore AB,
Carstairs AB,
High River AB,
Didsbury AB,
Olds AB,
Nanton AB,
Sundre AB,
Three Hills AB,
Vulcan AB,

How To Adopt Harley

If you are interested in adopting this special American Bulldog Pit Bull Terrier mix mix Dog for adoption in DRUMHELLER, Alberta, please fill out our online meeting request form below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

There is a $150 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Harley? Contact our American Bulldog Pit Bull Terrier Mix rehoming team today.
Text “Harley” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Learn about Harley’s Breeds

About The American Bulldog Breed of  Dog

The American Bulldog is a large breed of utility dog descended from the now-extinct Old English Bulldog. They are now used on animal farms, dog sports, and for showing. They are part of American culture and history, and may be used as a cultural icon for the United States. Wikipedia

Life expectancy: 10 – 15 years
Origin: United States
Temperament: Energetic, Loyal, Assertive, Confident, Friendly, Dominant, Gentle
Height: Male: 50–71 cm, Female: 50–61 cm
Weight: Male: 30–58 kg, Female: 27–41 kg
Colors: White, Brindle, Fawn, Brown, Red

About the American Pit Bull Terrier Breed of Dog

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a purebred dog breed recognized by the United Kennel Club and American Dog Breeders Association, but not the American Kennel Club. It is a medium-sized, intelligent, short-haired dog, of a solid build, whose early ancestors came from the British Isles. Wikipedia

Lifespan: 8 – 15 years
Temperament: Clownish, Stubborn, Strong Willed, Affectionate, Obedient, Intelligent, Loyal, Friendly, Courageous
Mass: Male: 16 – 30 kg (Adult), Female: 14 – 27 kg (Adult)
Colors: Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Tan, Blue, Grey, Brown, Red
Height: Male: 45 – 53 cm, Female: 43 – 50 cm
Origin: United States, United Kingdom

Thank you for your interest in this stunning American Bulldog Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog for adoption in DRUMHELLER.