Miniature Dachshund Beagle Mix Dog For Adoption In Austin Texas – Supplies Included

Miniature Dachshund Beagle Mix Dog For Adoption in Austin Texas – Supplies Included

Miniature Dachchund Beagle Mix Dog For Adoption Austin Texas

Meet Tucker – Beagle Miniature Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for a sweet Miniature Dachshund Beagle mix dog for adoption in Austin Texas? One look into his deep, brown eyes and it will surely be love-at-first-sight!

Tucker is an 11 year old male medium sized dog weighing 40 pounds. He is in good health, up to date on shots, neutered and house trained.

Tucker Miniature Dachshund Beagle Mix Dog Adoption Austin TX 8Tucker is a very good boy. He is super smart, funny, adorable and devoted. Tucker Boy is good with kids, cats and other dogs. He loves to go for walks and play in the back yard. All in all, Tucker is a great medium sized dog with so much love and companionship to offer his new owners.

Tucker has one issue that will require owners who work from home or are retired and can take them with him in the car. He has separation anxiety.

This might be remedied by having another smaller dog or two in the family. Tucker is a pack animal, and if the owner is his only pack member, he panics when they leave. Hopefully with other dogs at home, this will be taken care of.

Tucker’s owner is devastated to have to find him a new home. Unfortunately due to financial issues, she has to work outside the home, long hours. This leaves Tucker alone much of the time, and it is quite stressful for him. She is dearly hoping to find Tucker his forever home.

If you have room in your heart and home for Tucker, please request to meet him today.

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Tucker Miniature Dachshund Beagle Mix Dog Adoption Austin TX

All About Tucker

Beagle Dachshund mix dog for adoption in Austin TexasName: Tucker
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet
Mini Dachshund
Sex of Pet: MALE
Age of Pet: 11
Weight: 40
Size: medium
Color of Pet: BLACK
Second Color: TAN
Coat Type:
Spayed/Neutered? :Yes
Up to date on vaccinations?: No
Is pet microchipped or tattoed? :Yes
ID / Registry
AVID 072 797 536
Tucker Young

Good with cats?: Yes
Good With Dogs?: Yes
Good with children?:  Yes
House broken?: Yes
Crate-trained?: No, Tucker has a great dislike of crates. He panics, hyperventilate, and shreds anything in the crate with him. For these reasons, he should never be crated.

Does Your Pet Have Any Health Problems?: No
Just getting older. joints. short walks. less ball time. I’ve restricted him to less jumping in and out of the car etc. he can still jump on and off the couch. but nothing more than that.

Does Your Pet Have Any Behavior Problems?  Yes
Separation Anxiety. Follows me room to room. Will sometimes be okay & lay in a different room by himself if he knows where I am or when there is another person visiting.

Tucker’s Personality

Beagle Dachshund mix dog for adoption in Austin Texas

Docile, Old man energy since he was a puppy. He’s a sweet boy. He loves to be the center of attention. He gets jealous of sharing attention with the cats. As he has gotten older, he’s more protective and vocal when it comes to cars outside, people knocking on the door or coming in side.

He greets people with his loud barking and tail wagging. His bark sounds like he’s a large breed dog, which can be intimidating. He’s can be timid around people and will look to me for a command.

I will tell him it’s okay to say hi that this person is our friend and he’ll either bark louder or let them pet him. Just depends on the person and how they smell. For most of the day he lays on the couch or his bed.

He will try to jump out of a truck or car and that’s too much of an impact for his long back and short arms.

He loves belly rubs and neck massages. I try to give his muscles around his shoulders, hips and legs a weekly massage.

5 Things to Love About Tucker

Tucker Miniature Dachshund Beagle Mix Dog Adoption Austin TX 8

  1. He knows his commands: Sit in English & Spanish, (the rest in english) Stay, fist bump, shake hand & feet (at his level of short arms), come, lay, spin, he can roll over but he doesn’t seem to like it or he’s not comfortable doing it at his age or on a hard surface. Leave it, Drop it, No.
  2. He will sit at the door quietly and patiently waits to be let out when he needs to use the bathroom. then if you don’t notice him he will use his whine/ crying noises to get your attention.
  3. He will wait and ask for permission to get on the couch.
  4. He will ask for treats and food . (sometimes its a guessing game of what he wants, but he will communicate with you and lead you in the direction)
  5. He loves to sleep under blankets. He loves big blankets and can bury himself underneath them. He will sleep in his own bed but prefers the end of my bed.

Favorite toys, foods, activities?

Tucker loves the ball. He loves playing fetch, but at his age will need to be encouraged for more exercise. He will bury the ball in a blanket and unbury it. if there’s no blanket it could be whatever is on the floor. pile of clothes , towels etc.

  • He loves to swim. He will fetch the ball in the water. He wears a life jacket to help him float. Doesn’t jump in. prefers using steps or getting help into the water. Will sit on a paddle board.
  • He can tend to get fixated on the ball so much that it becomes overwhelming with whining/crying for you to throw it. He will push himself too far it seems and doesn’t rest when his body needs it.
  • He loves bones that are edible the best. bones that take days or longer to chew he will bury under pillows/clothes/ towels etc and never eat them. he’ll also get territorial with them. so I avoid those for the most part.
  • He loves going for walks around the neighborhood or short hikes. I would suggest nothing more than a mile or maybe two at a time. He does better/well off leash and free roams. He does well on a leash, he just gets lost in the all the smells so being off leash has worked better for us.
  • He loves car rides and smelling the breeze out the window! He’s very quiet in the car and will be good boy.

Funny, cute or heartwarming story about Tucker

Tucker loves running/playing on the beach/ being chased. He does well meeting other dogs off leash at the park or beach. He loves other dogs his size or smaller. He has always lived with other dogs, or cats and does great with both. (he’s not a fan of puppies or puppy energy. he will run away from them)

He does better with kittens/cat. His kitty brother with snuggle and lay next to him. Sometimes walk over him when he’s under the blankets.
He seems to want to play with or concerned when the cats play with each other.
He has been on a farm & familiar with horses.

Why is Tucker Being Rehomed?

Owner facing financial difficulties making it necessary to work outside the home. She is concerned that Tucker is being alone far too much of the time, given the anxiety that causes him.

She is hoping to find him a home with retired dog lovers who can be there for him and provide a solid routine for him.

Tucker’s Ideal Home

A home with a large yard and owners who are home most of the time. A small dog or two as friends would be wonderful. Owners who will provide him with a quality diet and be careful that he does not jump or exert himself too much when playing fetch. (He will push himself too much as he LOVES to fetch). People who will ensure his health and happiness

Supplies and Accessories Included?

harness, leash, collapsible water bowl, doggy bag refills, leash. bag of dog food, bag of treats, life jacket, dog bed and blanket. food bowl.

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Beagle Dachshund mix dog for adoption in Austin Texas

Beagle Mini Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Austin TX

Tucker is a medium sized Beagle Dachshund mix dog for adoption in Austin Texas closed to the following towns and cities in Texas:

Austin TX,
Jollyville TX,
Anderson Mill TX,
Pflugerville TX,
Lakeway TX,
Cedar Park TX,
Round Rock TX,
Kyle TX,
Leander TX,
Georgetown TX,
Lockhart TX,
Taylor TX,
San Marcos TX,
Canyon Lake TX,
New Braunfels TX,
Seguin TX

Adopt this sweet and handsome senior Beagle Mini Dachshund mix dog in Austin Texas today.