REHOMED – Beautiful Jake – Male Beagle, 9, Louisville, KY


Jake has found his forever home!

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Jake - Beagle For Rehoming in Louisville KY

Jake is such a good ole dog. He is a purebred Beagle with a cute tri-color coat. Jake is very healthy, up to date on shots, neutered and house trained.

Jake is 9, so doesn’t need a lot of exercise. He loves to spend time with his people, and has a loving personality.

His owner loves him very much. Unfortunately her husband had a stroke, and she is unable to provide Jake with the exercise and care he needs and deserves. She is dearly hoping to find a wonderful new home for Jake with dog lovers who own their own home and have a securely fenced back yard for Jake to explore.

Jake will be rehomed with any supplies the owner has for him, vet records and sincere gratitude.

Location: louisville, ky, 40214
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: beagle
Age: 9
Color/Coat Type: three tone brown black white
Size: 29lbs
Health Issues: no
Behavior Issues: no

Jake is:
Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, Litter Trained, House Broken, Leash Trained, Obedience Trained

Jake gets along with:


very well behaved calm very good natured dog, he seems a bit sad now since he doesn’t have a yard,he just loves children,he deserves a regular home with people who can help him normally,hes house broken and sleep in his little bed in the house but when we had our house he had a little dog house outside and loved sitting in there sticking his head out into the sun then he would run around the yard and do this a few times a day then we would let him back in and he was very content when we had or house he needs someone with a house and people that can phsyically watch after him. He trys to talk, I taught him when he’s hungry he will say the sounds momma.

Food and Diet

Jake is currently on Other


Reason For Rehoming

my husband had 2 stroke we had to sell out home and the apartment where we moved is up 14 steps,close to a main road my health is bad also I was just diagnosed with nuropophy of the legs so I can no longer even take my dog down the steps because i would fall if holding a leash,he has to go himself and has almost gotten killed by cars several times because it takes me so so long to catch up with him its my Drs advice,he is such a adorable little dog,but they do require attention i feel it is only fair to him to find him a good home,we have had him the entire 9 years so he is house broken ect and very good with people and especially children.