ADOPTED – Bentley – Amazing Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Cincinnati OH

ADOPTED – Bentley – Amazing Great Dane German Shepherd Mix Cincinnati OH

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix For Adoption Ohio 2

Looking for a GREAT dog? This Great Dane mix is amazing. Bentley is just 6 years old, neutered, up to date on shots and very healthy. He is so handsome with his fawn coat and big, expressive brown eyes. He is a delightful mix of Great Dane and German Shepherd, and possesses the loyalty, affectionate personality, devotion and protective instincts of both breeds. He loves to cuddle, and sometimes thinks he is a lap dog! 🙂

Bentley is leash trained, perfectly house broken and micro-chipped. Bentley is medium-big dog at 55 pounds. He lives about 10 minutes north of Cincinatti, OH, within a 90 minute drive of Lexington-Fayetteville, KY, Indianapolis, IN and Louisville KY.

Please note: To offer Bentley a loving home, please fill out our online information form at . Bentley’s owners will call you to chat and arrange a convenient time for you to meet him.

He gets along very well with children and is good with cats. He tends to be guarded with other dogs, so probably would be best suited to a home where he can be the only dog.

Bentley is being rehomed by his owners, who are heartbroken to have to make this very difficult decision. Unfortunately their third child was diagnosed with Autism, and the challenges they face in parenting their child has made it very difficult to provide Bentley with the exercise, attention and care he needs and very much deserves.

Bentley is looking for a very loving and attentive home. Whether it is a home with some great kids, a couple, or single person, the main requirement is having the time to give him lots of love, exercise and companionship. A securely fence yard is a must-have. He would prefer to be placed in a home with people who can spend a good part of each day with him. He does not want to be left home alone all day while his owners are at work.

Bentley feels that he needs to guard hearth and home. He does have a tendency to bark when there are people at the door, or when people and dogs pass by. Potential adopters should be aware of this. His bark is loud. He’s great for added security in your home.

If you would like to offer this love dog  a wonderful home, please fill out our online information form. Once received, the owners will contact you to chat, and arrange a convenient time for you to meet Bentley.

Hi, My name is Bentley!

Location: Liberty twp, Oh, 45011
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Great Dane/shepherd
Age: 6.5
Color/Coat Type: Tan, medium length hair
Size: 55 lbs
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: Not really (see below)

Bentley is:
Spayed, Neutered, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, House Broken, Leash Trained

Bentley gets along with:
Toddlers, Small Children, Older Children, Cats


Loyal and protective. He still thinks he’s a lap dog at times even though he is 55 lbs, loves to cuddle. He has been great with our 3 kids for the past 6.5 years, even when they were babies. He loves to play fetch, go for walks. Would be great to have a fenced in yard for him to play and exercise. He does not bark often, but when he does it is loud and can be alarming. He will bark at dogs walking by, anyone coming to the front door, strangers. He has NEVER barked at anyone in our family or others that he is familiar with.

Reason For Rehoming

We have recently had a 3rd child and our 2nd child was recently diagnosed with Autism. Simply, we want to find Bentley a home that can give him more time and attention that he deserves.