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REHOMED – BOOMER Amazing 11 MO ACD / Australian Shepherd Puppy Oak Park IL

Boomer - ACD Australian Kelpie Mix Dog For Adoption 4Boomer found the perfect family! This amazing guy was adopted within just a few days by his new owners, who absolutely adore him.

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Here is how our Ohio pet rehoming team presented Boomer to attract his new family:

Hi, My name is Boomer!

Boomer - ACD Australian Kelpie Mix Dog For Adoption 4Boomer is such a cool dog. His appearance alone is enough to make even the most uppity dog fancier stop in their tracks. When you add to his handsomeness his high intelligence and incredible athleticism, Boomer may just be Illinois’ best dog!

Boomer is a really nice mix of Australian Cattle Dog (Heeler) and Australian Shepherd. He has all the traits that make these breeds so popular. He is just 11 months old, and has had all that expensive vet care done. He is neutered, up to date on shots, micro-chipped and ready to love.

Boomer’s owner loves him so much. As sometimes happens in life, her circumstances are not ideal for a very energetic, smart dog like Boomer. She has recently developed health issues that keep her from giving him the exercise and engaging activities that he thrives on. In addition, the family now lives in a townhome, and Boomer does not have the large back yard that a dog like he requires.

Boomer - ACD Australian Kelpie Mix Dog For Adoption 4As much as it breaks her heart to do so, she realizes that it is necessary to find Boomer a new home with owners who can better fulfill his needs.

Boomer has undergone some obedience training and is housebroken. He does need to follow a strict routine, though, as he is still a puppy, and learning the ropes.

His owner would love to see Boomer placed in a home with experienced shepherd owners that understand this type of dog and their need for mental stimulation and physical exercise. Boomer is not a good choice for couch potatoes, and is not a good choice for families with children under 10, or who are away from the house most of the time.

His ideal home will be with owners who own their own home with a large yard with a tall fence that is very secure. They should be active and willing to get out and give him the exercise he needs. And finally, he needs owners who would not have to leave him cooped up all day in his crate. He is fine on his own for a few hours, but not on a full-time basis. Ideally work-from-home or active retired dog lovers would be best.

Boomer is such a good boy. He deserves a very good home with people will cherish him and make sure all his needs are met. He is just a pup, and with the right owners will blossom into the best dog on earth.

Please offer Boomer a loving, forever home today. He can’t wait to meet you.

All About Boomer

Boomer - ACD Australian Kelpie Mix Dog For Adoption 4

Location: Oak Park, IL, 60302 (Near Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison)
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Heeled Mix Australian Cattle Dog x Australian Shepherd
Age: 11 months
Color/Coat Type: Tri-color ticked short hair
Size: Medium – 30 lbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Boomer is:
Neutered, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, House Broken, Obedience Trained

Boomer gets along with:
Older Children, Dogs


Boomer is energetic and playful and loves to solve puzzles, especially when there are treats involved. He’s a frisbee dog in training, loves to play at the dog park and at home he just wants to be near you. He also suffers from doggy FOMO and wants to know about every thing happening outside his home. He has good manners in most areas thanks to obedience classes but he’s still learning. He’s smart and picks things up quickly. He’s a sweet boy.

Food and Diet

Boomer is currently on Other

We feed Boomer Fromm’s duck and sweet potato dry food 2x day – breakfast and dinner

Reason For Rehoming

We love him so much but we’re not giving him the best possible life. And caring for him right now has become a hardship for me. I have a health issue and our condo building isn’t the right environment for Boomer. He needs lots of exercise. We share our yard with the neighbors and he can’t be off leash. He really needs to live in a home with large fenced in yard with someone who can properly exercise him. And I can barely walk him some days.