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California Pet Adoptions – Adopt a Preloved Dog or Cat in California

California pet adoption - adopt a pet dog cat in california

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Need to Find a Good Home For Your Dog, Cat, Kitten or Puppy?

Pet Net offers expert help in rehoming pets throughout the USA and Canada. If you need help finding your pet a good home safely, effectively and permanently, please request our pet rehoming services today!


California Pet Adoptions By Owner

Thinking of adopting a pet? While there are many sources offering pets for adoption throughout California, one of the best ways to find the pet of your dreams is through our pet rehoming service, from a pet owner who can no longer care for their companion.

At Pet Net California, we specialize in bringing pet lovers together; pet owners who are faced with the very unfortunate situation of having to find a good home for their dog or cat, and pet lovers who have been searching for the right companion to add to their home.

While California’s animal shelters and pet rescue organizations provide a much needed service for pets in need, they are really no place for pre-loved family companions that are used to being pampered. Pet Net California helps facilitate home-to-home pet adoptions, so that family pets need never “set paw” in a shelter or rescue.

Find pets for adoption throughout California, including in<strong><em>:</em>

California pet adoptions by owner. Find dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for adoption by owner throughout California CA.

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