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Meet Diego, Small Chihuahua Mix Dog For Adoption in Philadelphia PA

Have you been looking for a small lap dog that loves to cuddle in the Philadelphia area? Diego put the “D” in devotion.

A Chihuahua mix for adoption in Philadelphia, Diego is approximately 11 years old. Chihuahuas tend to live very long lives, so 11 is fairly spry for a Chi!  He has a smooth coat that is chocolate brown, and weighs about 20 pounds. He is best suited for a home with just one devoted dog lover – someone who is home all the time, and can take him along when not.

Diego had a tough start in life. He lived as a stray in the city, getting by on whatever food he could scrounge out of garbage. He had to be on alert at all times to the many dangers that lie in wait for small dogs on the street, so he developed some instinctive behaviors that helped him to survive until he was rescued.

Diego Chihuahua For Adoption Philadelphia PADiego’s owners love him very much, but having started a family, they have found that Diego is unable to cope with small children and the accompanying daily changes in routine. Diego doesn’t know what to make of these small, noisy and erratic humans. He would like to go back to the way it was – just Diego and his owners and the calm, quiet and very predictable daily schedule that he had for years.

Diego has so many wonderful qualities that make him very worthy of a loving home. He is super affectionate and cuddly. He loves to be up in your lap getting all of your attention. He is super cute, and despite being 11, still loves to play with his toys. All in all and one on one, Diego is about the cuddliest little dog you will find.

Unfortunately, sharing a home with 4 small children is a special kind of Hell for Diego. He has to be sequestered away from his Mom, whom he loves dearly. He is a miserable little fellow right now, always on guard and full of angst. It’s a terrible situation for him, and his owners are worried for him. They want him to be happy and content in a home that is hand-picked for him.

Diego has a couple of behaviors that have cropped up with the addition of the children in the home. He has been getting into the garbage which has caused him a couple of bouts of pancreatitis. Since the garbage is now locked away, there have been no further incidents.

Diego Chihuahua For Adoption Philadelphia PA 2He has been trying very hard to create his own territory in the house. This has resulted in some marking (lifting his leg and peeing) in certain spots. He was housetrained before the kids, and this behavior is what you would see in a stray dog.

Diego needs to be introduced to people carefully. Strangers are dangers as far as he is concerned, so he is not the kind of dog someone can just walk up to and pet. He needs to make the first move. With his favorite human, this is never the case. He is always sweet, loyal, obedient and friendly when one on one with his person.

Diego’s owners are dearly hoping to find a senior lady who is looking for just one special little dog to adore. Despite his little issues (that shouldn’t be issues in the right home) he is a devoted little darling with immeasurable love, joy, laughter and snuggles to offer his special person. If you are looking for an amazing friend and lap dog, please consider offering Diego his forever home.

Diego will be rehomed with all supplies and vet records. He can’t wait to meet his new owner and charm his way into her heart. Please adopt Diego today.


There is a $35 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Diego? Contact our Philadelphia Dog rehoming team today.

Text “Diego” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

All About Diego – Chihuahua Mix Dog For Adoption in Philadelphia PA

Name of Pet: Diego
Location: Philadelphia, PA, 19115
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Mixed Chihuahua and terrier
Color / Coat Type: Brown/short
Age of Pet: Around 11 — he is a rescue so exact age unknown
Size of Pet: 20-25 lbs
Health Problems: Poor dentition, anxiety, pancreatitis
He has a lot of Tatar and gingivitis issues. Before he got older we would have his teeth professionally cleaned, but haven’t continued that given the need for sedation to do so. He has what we suspect is chronic anxiety — struggles with changes around the home (moving furniture etc).

He has had pancreatitis in the past — brought on by eating things in the trash that he shouldn’t or if he eats raw hides (which we no longer give him). He will vomit and develop lower back pain. No issues with needing to seek medical attention for it since we discontinued raw hide bones and keep trash locked at all times.
Behavior Issues: He has anxiety so will pee in the house. He also can be aggressive towards strangers unless coaxed through it (he’s very protective).
As above.
He pees in the house if he’s feeling anxious. This has resulted in us keeping him on one floor and then he gets very upset (and will pee) if he’s upset that he’s not with us on a different floor as well.
He gets in the trash if it’s not tightly sealed.
Gets along with: One adult Person
Pet is: Neutered, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained
Food: Blue Buffalo
He eats twice daily (morning and evening).

Diego Chihuahua For Adoption Philadelphia PA 3Diego’s Personality

Very loyal, protective, likes/needs to be by your side at all times if you’re home to avoid behavioral issues, loves to sit in your lap and snuggle.

He would do great with one on one. That’s what he truly prefers and needs. Ideally would be without children, though if they’ll respect his boundaries it will be okay.

Why is Diego Being Rehomed?

We just had our last baby and have four young children and are moving to a new home. We are struggling to give him the attention he needs in order to not have behavioral issues because of our children’s needs.

We’ve had him for probably 9 years and since we started to have our human family 5 years ago his behavioral issues have progressively worsened such that we don’t think we can care for him like we need to.

He also on a number of occasions has lunged and snipped at our children when they get too close to areas that he is protective of (his bed for example).

How To Adopt Diego

If you are interested in adopting this special Mixed Chihuahua and terrier For Adoption in Philadelphia PA, please fill out our online meeting request below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

Request to Adopt Diego Here

There is a $35 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Diego? Contact our Chihuahua rehoming team today.

Text “Diego” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Diego – Mixed Chihuahua For Adoption in Philadelphia PA

Diego is a Chihuahua mix dog for rehoming in Philadelphia, PA. He is located near the following towns and cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey:

Philadelphia PA,
Glassboro NJ,
Woodbury NJ,
Williamstown NJ,
Pine Hill NJ,
Lindenwold NJ,
Bellmawr NJ,
Gloucester City NJ,
Audubon NJ,
Haddonfield NJ,
Collingswood NJ,
Camden NJ,
Chester PA,
Darby PA,
Woodlyn PA,
Cherry Hill NJ,

Adopt this Chihuahua mix dog in Philadelphia PA today.