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Lola has been ADOPTED

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Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Chattanooga TN - Meet Lola
Such a snuggle bunny!

Looking for a very lovable small dog to add love and joy to life? Meet Lola, a very sweet little 1 year old Dachshund Chihuahua Mix dog for adoption in Chattanooga Tennessee. This very special Dog is 1.5 years old and weighs 20-25 pounds.

She is a mix of Deerhead Chihuahua and a Dachshund which makes her extra cute with great big bunny ears and short legs. She is healthy and gets along very well with other pets and people of all ages and sizes, including respectful small children.

Lola is a bundle of love. She enjoys playing and going for walks, cuddling and being a constant source of sunshine to those around her.

Lola’s foster owner loves her very much and wants to find her a very loving forever home. She came from a situation of neglect, and the foster owner has spent a great deal of money, time and care getting Lola healthy and happy. She is dearly hoping to find dog lovers who will cherish Lola and keep her safe, happy and healthy. She would love to find a home with a fenced yard for Lola to play in.

Lola is house trained and well behaved. She will be rehomed with supplies and veterinary records. Adopt this special little dog today. 

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Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Chattanooga TN - Meet Lola
Her big, somewhat floppy ears are very distinctive and adorable!

All About Lola – Chihuahua Terrier Mix Dog in Chattanooga Tennessee

Name of Pet: Lola
Location: Chatanooga TN
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Deerhead Chihuahua Dachshund Mix
Sex of Pet: Female
Age of Pet: 1.5
Spayed/Neutered?: No
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues: No
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Yes,
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: Collar, leash, food, toys/bones, feeding bowls, winter coat, and shampoo.

Lola’s Personality

1. Her calm demeanor and her puppy eyes.
2. She’s highly trusting and sweet to everyone
3. I love how excited she gets when she’s about to get food. She lightens up.
4. I love how she plays with herself, by throwing her toy across and trying to catch it.
5. I love how she will put her face in my neck and just rest when she’s trying to calm down.

Lola’s Current Home Environment

I live in an apartment with two other people. One of my roommates has a small dog that isn’t friendly. I think Lola would do well with a family who has a home and a yard for her to play in. She definitely needs more space than my apartment has.

Lola’s Current Family:

I got Lola because I was missing my own dogs, who now living with my parents. However, I live with two other roommates like I said and we aren’t close so Lola is truly just my dog. She needs more friendly faces to give her love and more space to run around. I love her deeply but I was not prepared for her, like I thought. She’s more social than my family dogs are and needs a bigger home to accommodate her.

Lola’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

The people who had her before didn’t feed her the best food. However, she likes Science Diet (dry and wet). She loves chewing on bones and goat horns. Like I said she likes socks, but she will eat them so make sure to watch her on laundry day.

Cute Lola Story:

When I first got her, she was slightly shy and uneasy but she finally relaxed and started running up to me and “sliding” on her back into my lap for belly scratches. It just showed me how sweet and trusting she is.

Why is Lola Being Rehomed?

1. She definitely needs a family with a house and yard to take her, because she has an energetic side that needs to run around. And my apartment doesn’t have enough space for her. |
2. I can’t afford her like I initially thought. I have already spent about $1000 trying to get her up to date with her shots and healthy wise, because her previous owners couldn’t take proper care of her and she came to me in less than healthy condition. She still needs to be spayed, but I am hoping her forever familly can take care of this.

Lola’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I would accept anyone financially stable, who owns a house with a yard. I know Lola does well with children and someone (dog or child) who could be a fun companion.

Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Chattanooga TN - Meet Lola
She has big brown eyes that gaze lovingly at you. 

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Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Dog For Adoption in Chattanooga TN - Meet Lola
Lola deserves to be someone’s special forever dog. Please adopt her today!

Lola – Terrier Chihuahua Mix Dog  Rehomed  in Chattanooga TN

Lola is a Terrier Chihuahua Mix Dog for private adoption by owner in Chattanooga TN. This pet is located close to the following towns and cities in Tennessee :

East Ridge TN,
Red Bank TN,
Fort Oglethorpe GA,
East Brainerd TN,
Middle Valley TN,
Soddy-Daisy TN,
Cleveland TN,
Dalton GA,
Calhoun GA,
Fort Payne AL,
Scottsboro AL,
Athens TN,
Manchester TN,
Rome GA,
Tullahoma TN,
North Chattanooga TN,

Hampton Heights TN,
Fairhills TN,
Orchard Knob TN,
Woodland Heights TN,
Riverview TN,
Foust TN,
Bushtown TN,
Highland Park TN,
Old Farm TN,
Tuckegee TN,
Lake Village TN,
Glenwood TN,
Ruby Falls TN,
Valley Village TN,
Andrea Heights TN,
Clifton Hills TN,

Sweet Terrier Chihuahua Mix Dog  in Chattanooga TN.