Duncan - tuxedo tabby cat for adoption in virginia2

Maine Coon Mix Cat for Adoption in Smithfield VA – Meet Duncan

 – Duncan - tuxedo tabby cat for adoption in virginia2Duncan has found his forever home! We are so happy for this sweet cat and his family!

From Blanton, Duncan’s owner:

Hi Debbie,
I just met with this sweet lady! She’s absolutely perfect for Duncan and we connected right away! What a relief that there’s such caring people in the world!
She loved Duncan and those two are going to be perfect for each other! I gave her a lot of Duncan’s items to take home with her while she gets her house ready for him. We’re going to set up a time next week for her to bring him home. I can’t thank you enough for helping me find this perfect family for him!
Talk to you soon!

Here is how our pet rehoming team presented Duncan to attract his new family:

Hi, My name is Duncan!

Duncan - tuxedo tabby cat for adoption in virginia2

Duncan is absolutely delightful. This great big bundle of purring love is as handsome as he is sweet. He is “Mr. Personality”, and really good at stealing the heart of everyone he meets.

Duncan is a Maine Coon mix. Although he does not have the long coat, his size (18 pounds), face, markings and personality are in keeping with this very popular breed. Duncan is just 4 years old, very healthy, up to date on shots, clean and very well behaved.

Duncan loves children and is very welcoming to strangers. He gets along very well with other cats and dogs too.

Duncan’s owners, a military family, are facing a very long distance move (Alaska). They love Duncan very much and do not want to put him through the stress of being transported such a long distance. They are dearly hoping to find Duncan a family who will cherish him as much as they do, and keep him safe, happy and healthy.

Duncan will be rehomed with all of his supplies, and also his veterinary records.

Please offer Duncan a loving home today. He can’t wait to purr his way into your heart and home.

All About Duncan

Location: Smithfield, VA, 23430 (Near Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach)
Color/Coat Type: Grey Mackerel Tabby with White
Size: 18 pounds
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Duncan is:
Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained, House Broken, Obedience Trained

Duncan gets along with:
Toddlers, Small Children, Older Children, Dogs, Cats, Strangers


Duncan is a very sweet, mellow guy. This guy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He lives with two toddler boys, so he’s seen it all! He’s the coolest cat on the block! His perfect day consists of sleeping curled up on the couch by a window. He doesn’t ask for much! While Duncan is a very well rounded and relaxed guy, he likes stability. Give him a comfy place to curl up and a few belly rubs & he will be your best friend!

Food and Diet

Duncan is currently on Other

Duncan is fed Purina Cat Chow Naturals dry food. We keep a bowl full for him at all times.

Reason For Rehoming

We are a military family and recently received orders to Alaska. Considering the amount of change that is about to take place in our family’s life, we feel that it is unfair to put Duncan through this stress. Selfishly, we want to take him, but we know in our hearts it’s unfair to him.