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REHOMED – Demi – Brindle Dutch Shepherd Mix Puppy Aurora CO

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3Demi has found her forever home with Miranda in Colorado Springs. Miranda fell in love with Demi immediately, and is looking forward to all the fun and activity she and Demi are going to share in the coming years. We are very happy for Demi and Miranda.

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Here is how our Colorado Pet Rehoming team presented Demi to attract her new home:

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

Meet Delightful Demi – Gorgeous Brindle and White Female Dutch Shepherd Mix Puppy For Adoption in Aurora CO

What a beautiful young dog! Demi is a gorgeous Dutch Shepherd / Heeler mix with a stunning brindle coat accented in white. This very special puppy is about 10 months old and weighs 35-40 lbs. She is very healthy, fixed, up to date on shots, and house trained. She is well-behaved, aside from the usually puppy exuberance. She tends to jump up when she gets excited, and needs consistent positive reinforcement in that area.

Demi is such a sweet girl with so much joy for life. She is good with children and other dogs. Cats, on the other hand… not so much! Demi feels that cats are fun to chase, so unless your cats need lots of exercise, she is probably best suited for a dogs-only home.

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

Demi is very smart! She is almost human in many ways, and is great at melting hearts wherever she goes. She needs a good bit of exercise to be happy and healthy. Her owner currently takes her for lots of walks and other outdoor adventures.

Demi is being rehomed for a number of reasons. Her fiance’s five year old has developed severe allergies, and with plans to live together in the coming months, bringing Demi along is not possible. The owner lives in a condo without a fenced yard for Demi to play in. She is a dog that really needs a yard to play in.

As much as it breaks her heart to do so, Demi’s owner is hoping to find her the very best home. A home where she will be cherished, and kept safe, happy and healthy. Demi would love to have some great kids to play with, and owners who have plenty of time to spend with her.

Demi is a healthy, gorgeous, sweet and very adorable Dutch Shepherd mix puppy.

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

All About Demi – Heeler Dutch Shepherd Mix Puppy Rehomed in Aurora CO

Name of Pet: Demi
Location: Aurora, CO, 80015
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Heeler/Dutch Shepherd Mix
Sex of Pet: Female
Age of Pet: about 10 mos
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues:  No – she is still a puppy and learning to be the best dog ever!
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: No
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Yes
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Unknown
Accessories Included: She has a bed, walking harness, a couple collars and leash, food, toys, chews, treats, a metal crate (she’s semi-crate trained and with more diligence would be fully trained). I’m willing to buy whatever else is needed to make this transition as smooth as possible

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

Demi’s Personality

High energy – will run with you, hike, etc
Very smart – understands commands quickly
Still young so training is easier
Gets along well with other dogs – when not on leash
Great with people

Demi’s Current Home Environment

I currently live in a townhome that does not have a yard so Demi either goes to daycare or gets 2-3 long walks a day. I have two cats, one of which she tries to play with the other she has more of a prey drive for (which is why I said doesn’t get along with cats). About once a week and usually weekends we spend with my fiancee and his 5 year old daughter who LOVES Demi. Demi is very sweet around the 5 year old, but is still quite rambunctious as a puppy so we keep an eye on them at all times because Demi is still learning not to jump on people.

Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

Demi’s Current Family:

I have a fiance and his 5 year old who I will be eventually living with. Currently I see them a few times a week. I like to be active and try to take Demi along with me on hikes etc when I can. Usually after our nighttime walk Demi likes to chew on bones or toys while I watch tv or read. Demi sleeps on the bed with me, but when I’m at my fiance’s she’s fine sleeping on her dog bed.

Demi’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

She LOVES pig ears, cow cheek chews, she has a food dispensing kong that she enjoys, she likes to rip out the squeak part of any toy I buy. Recently I got a lure type of swing toy that she chases around and quickly has become one of her favorites

Cute Demi Story:

When I get ready at my fiance’s house in the morning if his 5 year old isn’t awake yet Demi likes to lie outside her bedroom door and wait for her to get up. She’s quite attached to her and protective (not aggressively so) of her right from the start. She’s always so excited to see her, her whole body wags with joy.

Why is Demi Being Rehomed?

Unfortunately, the 5 year is quite allergic to Demi and despite trying everything we can possibly manage I just can’t justify moving into the house and causing that much discomfort to someone so young. It’s breaking my heart I absolutely LOVE Demi and am SO sad to even be thinking about rehoming her, but we feel we have no choice anymore.

Demi’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Demi needs to run pretty much all day if possible. She needs someone with a VERY VERY large, fenced yard and preferably with another dog. I’ve been told from multiple daycare facilities and people how high energy she is and so it’s imperative to me to find a home where she can be as active as possible and wear herself out.

She needs a family potentially with older children as she is still learning to not jump on people and because she is so high energy needs to be highly supervised around small children. I would advise not to place her where there are cats or small animals as her prey drive is VERY high.

Also, there’s a chance she won’t be very good off leash so knowing that from the start is also important to me. She’s extremely loving as well and would do well with someone that allows her to cuddle up and is around most nights.
Demi - Basenji Blue Heeler Mix For Adoption in Aurora CO 3

Demi – Dutch Shepherd Heeler mix puppy Rehomed in Aurora CO

Demi is a Brindle and white Dutch Shepherd Heeler mix puppy adopted in Aurora CO, near Commerce City,
Greenwood Village,
Federal Heights,
Wheat Ridge,
Alamo Placita,
Commerce City,
Piney Creek,
Adams City,
Cherry Ridge,
Cherry Hills Village,
North Washington,
Piney Creek Ranches, Colorado.