Leopold - Beagle For Adoption Tampa Florida 2

ADOPTED – Tampa, FL – LEOPOLD 4 YO Male Purebred Beagle


Leopold has been adopted.

Leopold - Beagle For Adoption Tampa Florida 2

Leopold is a handsome, well behaved purebred Beagle. He is just 4.5 years old, and has been neutered, fully vaccinated, crate trained and house broken. Leopold has a gorgeous silver/blue tri-color coat.

Leopold is looking for a loving new home with people who have time to spend with him. He gets along very well with older children (8 and above) and is good with other dogs. Leopold is not a good choice for small children – they frighten him. He would never harm a child, but for his sake, older kids are his preference.

Leopold’s owner is not able to provide him with the time, attention and exercise he needs and very much deserves. Her job is very demanding, requiring long hours and very frequent travel. As much as it breaks her heart, she realizes that finding the best home ever for Leopold is the best choice.

Leopold will be rehomed with all supplies. The owner would love to keep in touch, but only if the new owners are comfortable with it.

Leopold - Beagle For Adoption Tampa Florida 2

If you would like to consider being Leopold’s forever family, please get in touch. We will be happy to chat with you and help you make an educated decision as to whether Leopold is the right choice for you and your family.

All About Leopold

Location: Tampa, Florida, 33635
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: Beagle
Age: 4 1/2
Color/Coat Type: Silver (blue) Tri-color
Size: 22
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Leopold is:
Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Crate Trained, House Broken

Leopold gets along with:
Older Children, Adults Only, Dogs, Strangers


Leopold is very sweet and loving and obedient. he can be stubborn like a typical beagle..but he loves to cuddle in blankets and lay in your lap.

Food and Diet

Leopold is currently on Other

I feed him twice per day…natural balance food and treats..no human food at all. This prevents allergies and skin problems as well as obesity

Reason For Rehoming

I travel frequently for my job and the dogs are being cared for by a pet sitter who comes in 3 times a day. It is very expensive and they are very lonely being in the house all day.