Akron Pet Adoption Listings - REHOMED – Leyna – Purebred Miniature Schnauzer Found Wonderful Home in Cleveland OH

REHOMED – Leyna – Purebred Miniature Schnauzer Found Wonderful Home in Cleveland OH

Leyna has found her forever home with Rebecca and David in Lima, Ohio. She has a wonderful buddy in the form of their 7 year old Golden Retriever, a securely fenced back yard to play in, and her new Mom, Rebecca, home with her every day – all day. We could not have asked for a better situation for Leyna, and her original owners are so thankful to have found this wonderful home for her. Leyna found her forever home in just 12 days.

Miniature Schnauzer For Adoption Near Cleveland OH

Here is how our Rehoming Team presented Leyna to attract more than 100 offers to adopt her:

Leyna means “little Angel” in German, and this little Angel really lives up to her name! Leyna is a beautiful, sweet, healthy and affectionate purebred Miniature Schnauzer. She is just 4 years old and has a lovely black coat with silver accents. Leyna weighs under 30 pounds. She has no health or behavior issues. Veterinary records will be provided to her new owners. Leyna lives with her owners in Westlake, Ohio – a suburb of Cleveland.

Leyna is dearly loved by her owners, who are in the very unfortunate position of no longer being able to provide a home for her due to a pending move to a senior facility that does not allow pets. It is their dearest hope to find Leyna a wonderful home where she will be cherished as much as she is now.

Leyna is very companionable and loves spending time with her owners. She is used to having people with her most of the time. Her ideal home will be with a retired or work from home couple or single who have lots of time to spend with her. Leyna loves to go for a walk each day, and would enjoy a fenced yard to play in and patrol.

Leyna is good with children, and has had many enjoyable play dates with her owners grandchildren. Being a Miniature Schnauzer, however, Leyna is best suited to homes with children older than 10, or in an adults only home.

She has not been around other dogs much, and has no experience around cats. She would probably be fine with another dog, but that would depend on the other dog and it’s personality.

Leyna is a very special dog who needs and deserves a very special home where she will receive lots of love, attention exercise and great care.

Hi, My name is Leyna!

Location: Westlake, Ohio, 44145
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed: pure bred
Age: 4 years 4 months
Color/Coat Type: black and silver
Size: 20.30 lbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Leyna is:
House Broken

Leyna gets along with:
Older Children, Adults Only


Friendly, playful, misses us after we are only gone an hour. Likes to rummage through the back yard looking for chipmunks and gophers. (However, she does not dig holes.) She is an indoor dog but likes to be outside with us in fair weather. She barks at deer crossing in the yard. She barks a lot at visitors but once she meets them all is well. She tells us when she has to go out with her special little “woof”.
She is completely house trained and walks well on a leash.

Reason For Rehoming

It is necessary for us to move to a location where we can no longer have a pet.