Mila Has Been Adopted!

Mila is one of those very special little cats that wraps her paws around your heart within moments of meeting her. She is such an exquisite little girl. She has a gorgeous, thick dilute brown tabby coat and amazing green eyes.

She is playful and very sweet. She loves to spend time with you and engage in whatever you are doing. She is a little shy, so likes interaction to be on her own terms, but there is no question that she appreciates your company. She even likes to greet her owner at the door when he comes home.

Mila’s owner is faced with the heartbreaking decision of having to rehome her. His girlfriend has serious cat allergies, and having Mila living in the same space has been very detrimental to her health. Finding a new home for Mila is essential, and the owner is dearly hoping to find a new owner who will cherish her as much as he does.

Mila would do best in a home with no dogs or children, as they frighten her. She is quite social with people, and would be fine with teenagers and adults – and probably with other cats, so long as they are accepting of her. She must be in an indoor-only home.

She is a precious little girl that is very well behaved and clean. She is very healthy, fixed, up to date on her shots and microchopped. Her owner will provide all supplies and include her first month’s supply of food.

Please offer adorable Mila a loving home today. She can’t wait to enchant you!

All About Mila

Mila - Tabby Cat Adoption Orlando Florida 7

Name of Pet: Mila Location: Orlando, FL, 32814 Type of Pet: Cat Breed of Pet: Domestic Short Hair Sex of Pet: Female

Age of Pet: 4 years, 7 months Spayed/Neutered?: Yes Health Problems: No Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes Gets along with cats: Unknown Gets along with dogs: Unknown Good with Children?: No House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes Crate Trained?: Accessories Included: I have plenty of cat toys, a new 30″ scratching post, a cat bed, claw trimmers, a travel crate, 2 deshedding brushes, a Purina Breeze litter box and sturdy metal scoop, disposable cat waste bags, two different collars with bells, plastic cat can covers, a nearly full bottle of scratching deterrent spray (sprayed on furniture to deter scratching if needed), a metal food/water bowl set that includes a stand and 3 bowls, a small mat to put under the food stand, and a handheld Bissell vacuum specifically designed to remove cat hair. I am also willing to purchase the 1st month of food for whoever adopts Mila so that she can be weened onto a new wet food properly if needed.

Mila’s Personality

1. Mila is really smart! She finds creative hiding places, always uses her litter box (even if I’ve moved the location or bought a new kind of box), and is not easily fooled by tricks.
2. Mila is incredibly cute! She has beautiful markings on her body and manages to put herself into adorable sleeping positions.
3. Mila loves being around people, even if she doesn’t want direct interaction. That social aspect always makes me feel like she’s keeping me company.
4. Mila always greets me at the door after work
5. Mila rarely meows, but she often makes an adorable squeaking noise when she’s excited!

Mila’s Current Home Environment

I’ve always tried to provide a comfortable and loving environment for Mila. Over the years she’s lived with as few as 2 people and as many as 4 people. She’s always been friendly to my roommates/family and they’ve been friendly to her. My home is clean, with minimal food sitting out and ample space for Mila to roam/play. She is an indoor only cat so she does not go outside. She has had very minimal interactions with dogs, but she tended to be scared and hide. She has never interacted with other cats or children. I think the best home environment for her would be one without children or dogs and a home that cat savvy.

Mila’s Current Family:

My family had a wonderful dog growing up. When I adopted Mila, it was my first experience owning a cat. Since we are animal lovers, my family was very supportive and often helped me take care of her. I now live with my girlfriend in Orlando.

Mila’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Mila loves dangly toys and laser pointers. She’ll stay interested and play for 10+ minutes if you have the time! She will chase toys thrown down a hallway, but does not play fetch. She also enjoys clawing treats out of treat balls. She’s never shown a preference to any specific kind of treat and generally enjoys them all.

Like most cats, she LOVES catnip. I have a spray version and she goes crazy rubbing her face/body all over where it’s sprayed (sometimes I’ll spray a little on my shirt and she’ll get right on my chest and affectionately rub her face against me). Mila also just generally enjoys observing people. She’ll find a comfy spot (sometimes with a high vantage point) and look at you until she’s bored!

I feed Mila a grain-free wet food diet only. She eats 1 can a day of Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance L.I.D. wet food in a variety of flavors. I order in bulk from Chewy.com and it’s relatively inexpensive (~$1/can). I imagine any grain-free variety would work fine for her, but she developed an intolerance to lower quality cat food in the past. I can’t say if she’s grown out of that intolerance or not. I do not feed her dry food because she eats it so fast (by swallowing some of the pellets whole I suspect) that she will vomit it back up within a couple hours. Again, this diet could potentially be changed if someone invested in a dosed electric feeder or slowly taught her to eat slowly. The wet-food only diet has worked well for me, but it does make travel/leaving Mila alone for more than half a day difficult.

Cute Mila Story:

Mila has this really cute habit of falling asleep while sitting up. She’ll be sitting somewhere and her eyes just slowly start blinking and then her head will droop down and she’s asleep! If you say her name or make a noise she will perk up, only to fall asleep again shortly thereafter. It’s very funny/adorable to watch.

Why is Mila Being Rehomed?

I originally began looking for a new home for Mila because my work schedule was very strenuous. I was traveling most weeks and working long hours when at home. Luckily my roommates helped me take care of Mila during that time, but I considered the possibility that a new home with someone who could truly dedicate a lot of attention to Mila. I first contacted family, friends, and some local shelters. I did not receive a lot of traction, but remained optimistic.

When I moved to Orlando, I had hopes of keeping Mila due to my new job. However, my girlfriend and I soon discovered that she has an allergic reaction to cats. She’s been in discomfort since I brought Mila to Orlando and we made the difficult decision to look for Mila’s new home. I really care about Mila and want to make sure she finds a loving owner.

Mila’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I am looking for someone who will not only love Mila, but understands the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. I am open to someone who’s a new cat owner, but I would want to feel confident in their understanding of cats and their independent nature. Ideally they would have enough space for Mila to explore/play and not try to convert her to an outside cat. I have no idea how she’d react to other animals, so someone without other pets may be preferred. A home with young children is not ideal either. They should not travel too much and have a solid plan for caring for Mila if they take vacations, etc.

I care most about finding someone who will give Mila the love and attention she deserves.

Additional Comments:

I would love to receive periodic updates about Mila, at least for the first few months of her adoption process. However, it would not be a deal breaker if her new owner was strongly against maintaining contact for whatever reason.

I have all of Mila’s veterinary records essentially from her birth until now in either hard or soft copy form. I would obviously be happy to share this information with her new owner and provide vet contact information as well.

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