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Rehome a Pet Dog Cat in Orlando FL

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Orlando Pet Rehoming Services

Need to find your pet a home in Orlando FL and area? Our Orlando pet rehoming service offers expert help  for caring pet owners who want the very best for their dog or cat. We help you rehome a dog or cat safely and effectively in and around Orlando FL.

Rehome a Dog Cat Puppy or Kitten in Orlando Florida

Contact our pet rehoming coordinator to find out more about our Orlando pet rehoming services, or request pet rehoming services now. You may also call us at (888) 720-3322 to discuss your situation.


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Rehome a Dog or Cat in Orlando, Florida


No responsible pet owner wants to give up their dog or cat, but there are many understandable reasons why pet owners need to rehome pets in Orlando and surrounding areas.

Placing your beloved family member in a shelter or rescue is NOT the answer. Most Orlando area animal shelters are filled to capacity with pets needing homes, and some even put pets to sleep if they are considered “unadoptable”, or if the shelter needs to make room for more pets. It is not something that most pet owners would want for their cherished companions.

Finding a loving new home for your pet while they remain in your care is the very best solution. And that is exactly what our dedicated Orlando pet rehoming team do for our clients.


Rehome a Dog in Orlando

Need dog rehoming help? If you need to find a home for your dog or puppy, our Orlando dog rehoming team can help. We find great homes for dogs and puppies in Orlando, and are your at your service. We will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about how we rehome dogs and puppies in Orlando and area.

Being faced with rehoming a dog is a difficult situation. We know that this is not a decision you have reached without careful thought. We are here to help you do everything possible to find your companion a new home where they will be cherished, and kept safe, happy and healthy.

Contact our pet rehoming coordinator to find out more about our Orlando dog rehoming service, or request pet rehoming services now. You may also call   (888) 720-3322 to discuss your situation.


Orlando Cat Rehoming

Rehoming a cat is not an easy thing to do. You love your cat, and having to give up your cherished feline friend was never something you planned for. When life makes cat rehoming necessary, our caring team of pet adoption experts are here for you. We can help find your cat a very good home, and you can rest assured that the process will be safe and effective.

We help cat owners in so many ways. We are here as a shoulder to lean on – to offer guidance and support to you at this very difficult time. We help you locate and choose the right new home for your cat or kitten – a home where their needs for companionship, love, care and play are met, and where they are loved unconditionally.

Contact our pet rehoming coordinator to find out more about our Orlando cat rehoming service, or request pet rehoming services now. You may also call  (888) 720-3322 to discuss your situation.


Judgement-Free Help Rehoming Your Pet

Are you feeling guilty thinking about rehoming your cat or dog? We offer empathy – not judgement. We are here to help you find your pet the very best home, and give you much needed emotional support as you face one of life’s most distressing situations.

We replace heartache with hope, and worry with peace of mind. We will help turn that guilt into positivity, knowing that you have made your pet’s life even better by placing them in a loving home where all of their needs and wants are met.

Good Reasons to Chooe Our Pet Rehoming Service


6 Great Reasons To Choose Our Orlando Pet Rehoming Services

1. It's Safe

Our dedicated pet rehoming team take great care to ensure that you are matched only with potential pet adopters with a legitimate interest in offering your pet a loving, forever home.

2. It's Affordable

We charge a modest fee of just $150 to find your pet the perfect home. We also offer a basic pet rehoming service for just $50.

3. We Care About You

We have so much empathy for pet owners faced with having to rehome their cherished pets. Before you found our service, chances are you may have had to deal with judgmental friends, co-workers, family or acquaintances unable to understand your situation.

We know what you have been through, and are here to give you our solid support, guidance and advocacy. We will shield you from online trolls and keep your identity confidential, all while supporting you through one of life’s most difficult situations.

4. We Follow Up

Our staff provide FOLLOW-UP. We stay in touch with your pet’s new owners for a year, ensuring that all is well and your pet is being well taken care of.


Let us deal with all those emails and phone calls inquiring about your cat. We’ll keep your identity, phone number and email address CONFIDENTIAL until a suitable adoptive family is found.


There is nothing more traumatic for a beloved family pet than to be left at an animal shelter. It is always hard on the owner as well. Our gentle approach ensures a gradual transition into the arms of new owners that you have met, gotten to know, and to whom you have given plenty of information about your pet’s care routine.

Adopt a Pet in Orlando

Pets For Private Adoption in Orlando Florida



If you have been thinking about adopting a pet, our list of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available for private adoption in Orlando, we can help lead you to the right set of paws.

We showcase pre-loved pets looking for new homes throughout Orlando and surrounding locations. These pets will be rehomed with supplies and vet records, and you will be able to meet with the owner to learn all about each pet’s history, health, personality and care.


Adopt a Pet  Get On Our Waiting List

REHOMED! Harper – Tampa FL 4 YO Male Purebred Beagle

REHOMED! Harper – Tampa FL 4 YO Male Purebred Beagle

Sweet Harper has found his forever family! From Harper’s owner, Melissa: Hi Debbie They are adopting Harper.   They are a wonderful family I can tell they’re going to take wonderful care of him and he’ll be very happy there. It’s of course very...

read more

Testmonials For Pet Rehoming Network

Real Reviews From Our Clients

Hello Debbie, 

Thank you for all your help in finding a family to adopt Rusty. The family that adopted Rusty will love and care for as a member of the family. Finding the right family is important because he got off a rough start. The screening process and introductions are well worth fee.

Being assured that he will be well cared for is the most important thing. Rusty deserved a good home and family. Thanks to your efforts and patience the right home was found. Also thank you for guiding me through the process.

Rolfe and Alison are wonderful people. I have received text messages and phone calls letting me know how Rusty adjusting. While we miss Rusty I know he is being well cared for and is making good adjustment.

I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone who needs to find a new home for a pet.

Thanks again for your help and efforts.


P.S. Last report Rusty has glued himself to Alison and she is treating him like a little prince.  



Owner, Rusty - German Shepherd Chow Chow Mix Rehomed in Garland TX

Kaeli and Alli Rehomed in Seattle!

Debbie from Pet Rehoming Network helped us through a very trying period of our lives. Due to life circumstances, we had to rehome 2 of our family cats who are 14 years of age, after doing much research and calling local services, I was at wits end because it doesn’t seem as though there’s a way to rehome 2 older cats.

Kaeli Alli Calico Cats For Adoption S

Our cats have never been separated so having to rehome 2 cats to the same home was our top priority but we know that’s a tall order. After a couple months, we found the most perfect home within 20 miles from where we live and we couldn’t have asked for a better situation.

Kaeli Alli Calico Cats For Adoption Seattle WA 9

This service has alleviated so much pressure, stress, and guilt but in the end it worked out as planned, it just took a little patience. We are extremely grateful and at peace with this decision and can’t wait to visit our girls in their new home.

Thanks again Debbie!!!

Sean and Huong

Owners, Kaeli + Alli - 2 Senior Cats Rehomed Together in Seattle WA

I never in a million years thought I would be in the position to have to make the very difficult decision to rehome my pets. 

My caring rehoming specialist (Debbie Moore) was kind, compassionate, supportive and completely non-judgmental of my situation or decision. She was diligent in asking necessary questions about my pets in order to find them the very best situation in their new forever homes. Milo transitioned into his new home last month and he and his new owner are very happy together.

Although there was significant interest in my dogs, Debbie assured me to take my time in order that I was 100% comfortable in my decision to select the right home and owners for my babies; when I disqualified a candidate, she never got frustrated with me and encouraged me to be picky; Rigby’s new family is overcome with love and emotion, have kept me updated with his transition and I’m truly confident that Rigby was somehow meant to bring joy to both our families.

My heart is broken without my babies, but I know they are receiving the love, attention and affection they deserve. Thank you petrehoming and specifically, Debbie Moore. You made a heart-wrenching situation as smooth as possible.


Dina Rutstein

Executive HR & Business Consultant



Dina Rutstein

Owner, Rigby - Havanese Dog Rehomed in New York

Your organization exceeded my expectations!

We had to rehome our precious Havenese named Milo. I did not know where to start. So I started googling and came across the Pet Rehoming Network organization.

Deborah was great and very helpful from the start of the process. To make a long story short Milo was rehomesd less than a week from the time his pictures were posted across social media. I am convinced that Milo went a loving family.

My Pet Rehoming Team were:


Would you recommend our service to other pet owners? YES!

I could not have done it without the help from this organization, namely Deborah.

Thank you so much!

Patti Armstead

Owner, Milo - Havanese Dog Rehomed in Raleigh NC

To whom it may concern,

I can most definitely recommend this service. I was similarly torn and agonized over my decision for months. I had two cats who I’d had since they were tiny kittens–for 6 and 10 years. My life changed drastically last year requiring me to be away from my home base for about half the time. I’d tried many options with cat sitters and the like and it just wasn’t working out–they were very stressed with me being gone so much and it showed. They were only normal when I was home for extended periods which wasn’t often enough.

I made the difficult decision to rehome them after a lot of considering of options. I offered them to friends to no avail. Finally I decided to try and find them homes. They were not bonded that much to each other as one lived primarily upstairs and the other downstairs so I knew I didn’t have to place them together. Taking them to a shelter was not an option.

I first placed an ad myself on Craigslist but the response I got was sketchy and a stranger wrote me and strongly advised me NOT to place them, at least for free, there. I kind of freaked out and removed the ad.

I then started googling and found Debbie’s service. I didn’t see really any reviews but I just had a gut feeling and frankly I was kind of desperate. I was getting ready to leave inless than a month for a 5 week away from home and once I made the decision to rehome them, it just would be easier for it to happen before I left–on all concerned esp the cats.

I felt right about it, paid her fee for both cats. She contacted me right away and did the phone interview then I let the whole thing go in her hands.

My younger cat, Coco, was placed within a week to a perfect home. I knew she would be easier as she was younger, white with a heart shape on her back and extra digits on her toes. She went to a family with a 17 year old introverted daughter who the mother was hoping to find a companion for. They found the listing via Craigslist (Debbie’s great ad) and came to get her the next day. I gave them the food she was used to eating, her scratching pole, a brush and even her used litter box (I had 2).

Then I was left with the second cat, Sabine. I knew it would be harder with her and had an alternate plan for when I was gone, not ideal but doable. Lo and behold the weekend before I left the perfect situation arose for her. A couple seeking one cat and they fell in love with her pictures. They came to the house (after Debbie’s extensive screening and a phone call with them myself) and picked her up. I was sad of course but I knew I had done the right thing. They were the perfect match for her.

I knew it was the right thing that I was no longer a responsible or adequate pet owner and this was the best thing for the cats. I had no second thoughts and now feel completely relieved.
It was all handled professionally and with no issues at all. I don’t have even the smallest complaint.

I wish you luck and any other questions, feel free to ask!

Tempe, AZ


Owner of Coco and Sabine, 2 DSH Cats Rehomed in Tempe AZ

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VIPet Resort
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PAWSitive Strides
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Celebration Pet Sitting
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Celebration, FL 34747



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University of Doglando
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Every Dog Has Its Day
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Ranger’s Pet Outpost and Retreat
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Downtown Dog Walker
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D’tails Pet Boutique & Spa
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The Dirty Dog
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