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Find Pets For Adoption Near You

Our gallery of pets for adoption near you showcases dogscatspuppies and kittens being placed for private pet adoption by owners throughout the USA and Canada. Our listings are grouped by location, first and foremost, but you can also find dogs, cats, puppies and kittens for adoption grouped by breed or type.

We also group adoptable pets by specific traits, such as hypoallergenic cats for adoption, non-shedding small dogs for adoption, small dogs for adoption, declawed cats for adoption and more.

So, to locate the adoptable pets you are hoping to find, just click on the specific category of adoptable pets from our list below, or view the newest pets for adoption near you – showcased through our pet rehoming services from coast to coast in both the US and Canada.

Please Note: If you don’t find the pet of your dreams, you should definitely get on our adoptable pets waiting list, and our rehoming team will reach out when we have a match for you.

Pets for adoption near you, such as a black labrador retriever puppie sitting behind a big red plushy pillow are often found right here on pet rehoming network.
Find a dog or puppy that is sure to steal your heart – right here!

Photo of a pair of cute gray kittens, possibly russian blue kittens.

Be careful! Other visitors have reported cases of “cuteness overload” when viewing our various pets for adoption. 🙂

Our Mandate: Helping You Choose The Right New Pet

Our Rehoming Team works very hard to make sure that each “adoption story page” tells the pet’s story honestly, focusing on the traits that make each pet so special.

At the same time, we reveal anything that you need to know about the pet, so that you can make an educated decision about whether a pet might be a good match for your situation. Pet adoption is best without surprises!

By adopting a pet through Pet Rehoming Network, you will have the opportunity to meet the owner (and the pet), and learn all about your prospective new pet. There is no pressure – adopting a pet is a very important decision which should only be made with confidence and commitment.

Our Waiting List System

We hope that you find a pet that’s just perfect for you, but Remember: we will be happy to keep an eye out for your dream pet, then contact you as soon as we have a match.

All you need to do is complete our WAITING LIST FORM and pay a small $15.00 donation (which will be deducted from our very reasonable adoption processing fee when we find your new pet).

We’re Scam Free – And Planning To Stay That Way!

Scams involving the sale of puppies and kittens are a real concern or the users of many websites and online pet classifieds, but you WON’T find them here. Not a single one. We may be one of the only scam-free pet adoption websites in existence, and that is something about which we are very proud.

Our pet owners need to be able to place their faith and trust in our pet rehoming team – and so do you. We have heard horror stories about pet lovers being scammed by fake “puppy breeders”, often through Facebook, and the heartache and disappointment they have been through.

Quite often our adopters are seniors, who really need and appreciate the companionship. and closeness that a pet can provide. With quite a few shelters and rescues not allowing people over a certain age to adopt, seniors are uniquely vulnerable to falling victim to heartless scam artists on social media and other pet adoption websites.

We feel that Seniors can often provide the perfect home environment for many pets, and we also feel that it is our duty to help seniors find the perfect pet for them, and to help them avoid the dangers that can come with of adopting online.

Cavapoochon dog

Need to Rehome Your Pet?

Get in touch with us. A caring member of our rehoming team will call you to discuss your situation and how we can help find the perfect new home for your pet safely and effectively.

Click here to begin the process of rehoming your pet now.

Reasons Why Placing A Pet For Adoption Can Be Necessary

Pet owners can find themselves needing to rehome a cherished pet for a variety of valid reasons, and it is no reflection on the owner – or the pet – that rehoming is sometimes necessary.

Life is full of surprises. The proverbial rug can be pulled out from under your feet when you least expect – or are prepared for it.

We often hear about pet owners dealing with a terminal illness or sudden death, spousal abuse, a financial crisis (even homelessness), severe pet allergies, or a pet being very anxious around a new baby or toddler. (and those are just some of the situations that make rehoming unavoidable).

Finding a safe, peaceful, happy, and loving new home is the BEST solution. It gives the pet a second chance at a wonderful life, it gives the pet’s owner peace of mind, and it gives you, the adopter,  so much love, laughter, joy and companionship with your new family member.

Our Newest Pets For Adoption Near You

Our pet adoption stories shine the spotlight on dogs and cats that, for a variety of valid reasons, are in need of safe, loving, happy and healthy forever homes.

These are “pre-loved pets”: dogs and cats, puppies and kittens being reluctantly rehomed by their owners, whom we have carefully verified prior to accepting them into our exclusive pet rehoming program.

We’re careful to ensure that the folks for who we provide our services are reputable and responsible,  just as anyone hoping to adopt one of our cherished family companions is thoroughly vetted.

Handsome Cavapoo Cavoodle Puppy for Adoption in Atlanta (Brookhaven) GA – Supplies Included – Adopt Henry

Meet Henry – Cavapoo Puppy For Adoption in Brookhaven, GA

Have you been looking for a Cavapoo puppy for adoption in Atlanta and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Henry, a very special puppy in need of a loving, forever home.

Just 7 months old and weighing 15 pounds, Henry is healthy, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. Henry will need to be neutered. He is house-broken and crate trained.
This energetic Cavapoo puppy has a very loving personality and is good with respectful, older children, and other dogs. He has no experience with cats.

Henry will be rehomed with supplies, accessories and vet records. Adopt this deserving Cavapoo puppy in Brookhaven, GA today. There is a rehoming fee.

Adorable Maine Coon Cat For Adoption in Los Angeles – Supplies Included – Adopt Pirate Pete

Meet Pirate Pete, a one-eyed wonder cat looking for a loving new home in Los Angeles. The Maine Coon mix cat is as laid back and loveable as they come. He is good with children of all ages, other pets and visitors. With the exception of having lost one of his eyes, Pete is healthy, fixed, litter trained and very well behaved. He is 5 years old and weighs 14 pounds. If you have room in your heart and home for this beautiful and very unique male Maine Coon cat, please reach out and offer him a home today.

Bengal Cats For Adoption Near Los Angeles – Adopt Bengal Cats in Oak Park CA

Looking to adopt a Bengal cat in Los Angeles? How about 2! Reese and Twix are a delightful bonded pair of male and female Bengal cats for adoption in Oak Park CA, near Glendale. They are just 6 years old, very healthy, up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, and will be rehomed with all supplies their owner has on hand for them.

These beautiful Bengal cats are being placed for adoption due to severe cat allergies. Their owners are devastated to have to part with the cats, but hopeful that a loving home will be found where the cats will be kept safe, happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. Reese and Twix are very fun, playful and affectionate cats. They are good with children, but not fond of most dogs.

Sweet little Terry is a blonde Yorkshire Terrier also called Yorkie dog he's looking for a loving forever home in Montreal and area after his owner can no longer care for him due to illness

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie Dog for Adoption in Montreal Quebec – Meet Amazing Terry

Meet Terry, a pre-loved Yorkshire Terrier dog available for adoption by owner in Montreal, Quebec. Terry is a seven-year-old male who weighs 14 pounds. He is an amazing dog who is easy to get along with, super friendly, well-behaved, and walks perfectly without a leash. Terry loves everyone and knows when his owners are stressed or upset, always staying by their side. Sadly, Terry’s owners have to rehome him due to circumstances beyond their control. They are hoping to find a loving home for him, where he will be safe, happy, healthy, and well-cared-for. If you have the space in your heart and home for Terry, please consider giving him a forever home. He can’t wait to show you the true meaning of unconditional love.

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