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Dixie English Bulldog Puppy For Adoption in Sacramento CAMeet Dixie, English Bulldog Puppy For Adoption in Gold River CA

Dixie is an absolutely amazing 8 month old purebred English Bulldog puppy for private adoption near Sacramento CA, in Gold River. She is a gorgeous brindle color with a short, smooth coat. She weighs about 40 pounds.

This sweet puppy has a very nice personality. She is good with people of all ages and sizes, and also gets along well with other dogs and cats.

Dixie’s owner has been extremely busy working with fire agencies in fighting the N. California wildfires, and now in restoration and clean up efforts. He is rarely home and travels constantly in his line of work. Dixie has been cared for by his ex wife, Keisha, but she is having a difficult time giving Dixie the love and attention she needs, since she is also working full time with lots of travel.

They love Dixie very much, and want what is best for this beautiful girl. They feel it is in her best interests that they find her a loving, forever home with a family who will cherish her and keep her safe, happy and healthy. They are hoping to find a family with some great kids for Dixie to play with, who own their own home with a securely fenced yard, and who have the time and energy to care for and provide adequate playtime for Dixie.

Dixie has not yet been spayed, so the adoption fee has been reduced in consideration that the new owners will agree to have her spayed within the first month of ownership. She is healthy and has had her puppy vaccinations. Full records from her veterinarian will be included, as well as her crate and any supplies that the owner has on hand for Dixie.

If you have room in your life, heart and home for this awesome 8 month old female English Bulldog puppy, please complete our online meeting request form today. Once your information has been received and reviewed, Dixie’s owner will call you to answer any questions and arrange a time to meet Dixie at her home.

There is a $300 rehoming/adoption fee. Supplies and vet records will be included.

Request to Meet Dixie Here

Questions about Dixie? Please text “DIXIE” to (888) 833-2128 for an instant response. Our Sacramento dog rehoming team look forward to hearing from you.

Dixie English Bulldog Puppy For Adoption in Sacramento CA 2All About Dixie – Olde English Bulldogge Dog For Adoption in Gold River CA

Name of Pet: Dixie
Location: Gold River, CA, 95670
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: English Bulldog
Color / Coat Type: brindle and short coat
Age of Pet: 8 months
Size of Pet: medium – 45 pounds approx
Health Problems: no
Behavior Issues: no
Gets along with: Small Children, Older Children, Adults Only, Dogs, Cats, Strangers
Pet is: Spayed
Food: Blue Buffalo
Fed 3/4 cup of kibble 2 times a day.
Dog treats for positive reinforcement

Dixie’s Personality

She is a typical puppy. Very playful but gentle and sweet. She has a lot of energy, but after a 15 to 30 minute romp she settles right down. She has a very nice personality. She is smart and is already learning commands and is very food oriented.

Why is Dixie Being Rehomed?

Puppy was adopted by ex husband, but circumstances with extensive travel for work as a fire fighter, restoration manager in N California have kept him away from home and unable to care for the puppy. Ex wife, Keisha has been caring for Dixie, but this is very difficult since she is working long hours and having to travel as well. They love Dixie and want her to have a great home with kids to play with and lots of room to romp and play. She will need a fenced yard, and people who have lots of time to spend with her.

How To Adopt Dixie

If you are interested in adopting this special Olde English Bulldogge For Adoption in Gold River CA, please fill out our online meeting request below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

Request to Adopt Dixie Here

There is a $300 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Dixie? Contact our Olde English Bulldogge rehoming team today. Text “Dixie” to (888) 833-2128 for instant response. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dixie – Olde English Bulldogge Dog For Adoption in Gold River CA

Dixie is a English Bulldog puppy for rehoming in Gold River, CA. She is located near the following towns and cities in CA:

14 miles to Sacramento CA,
45 miles to Stockton CA,
70 miles to Modesto CA,
79 miles to Oakland CA,
85 miles to Fremont CA,
86 miles to San Francisco CA,
96 miles to San Jose CA,
99 miles to Reno, NV
152 miles to Fresno CA,
255 miles to Bakersfield CA,

Fair Oaks CA,
Orangevale CA,
Rancho Cordova CA,
Carmichael CA,
Folsom CA,
Citrus Heights CA,
Foothill Farms CA,
La Riviera CA,
North Highlands CA,
Rosemont CA,
Roseville CA,

Rocklin CA,
Rio Linda CA,
Florin CA,
Sacramento CA,
Salsbury CA,
Fairoaks Bridge CA,
Nimbus CA,
Fair Oaks CA,
Soudan CA,
Alder Creek CA,
Orangevale CA,
Rancho Cordova CA,
Natoma CA,
Carmichael CA,
Folsom Junction CA,
Mather Field CA,
Prairie City CA,
Routier CA,
Folsom CA,
Citrus Heights CA,
Foothill Farms CA,

Adopt this Olde English Bulldogge puppy in Sacramento CA today.