ADOPTED – Singapura Mix Cat, 2, LA (Burbank) Area


Buko has been adopted.

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Here is how our Los Angeles cat rehoming team presented Buko to attract her new home.

Meet Buko!

Buko - Singapura Mix Cat For Adoption Burbank CA 7Looking for a really unique and exotic feline friend to add love, joy and companionship to your life and home? Buko is one of the most exquisite little cats you will ever find. She was adopted in Malaysia by her owners, where she was a (very cute) little street urchin. Buko is clearly part Singapura. She is very small (5 pounds) and has the Singapura coloring, round face and large, expressive eyes. Buko is only 2 years old.

Buko is a very healthy little cat. She has been spayed, is up to date on shots, and is microchipped. She is perfectly litter trained and well behaved (except when it comes to co-existing with other pets).

Buko loves her owners, and is very affectionate with them. She loves to cuddle, and purrs up a storm. She is playful, smart, engaging and vocal, with a sweet little meow and such a cute personality.

Buko - Singapura Mix Cat For Adoption Burbank CA 7As much as her owners love Buko, it has become apparent that she simply will not co-exist peacefully with her feline housemates. The owners have tried everything and given the situation plenty of time, but Buko is clearly a cat that needs to be the only pet in the home.

They are dearly hoping to find Buko a loving home with a die-hard cat lover who will cherish her. Her ideal home will be with someone who understands cats and their behavior, and who will give her safe, happy and healthy home where she will feel comfortable and happy.

Buko is not suited for homes with small children, but would thrive in an adults-only home where she can rule the roost.

Buko - Singapura Mix Cat For Adoption Burbank CA 7It is important for her potential new owners to understand that when she is transitioned into her new home, she will need time and space to adjust to her new surroundings and new owners. If she is allowed to get used to her new home and owners on her own time, the owners will be rewarded with the most affectionate and amazing little companion.

Buko will be rehomed with her veterinary records and some supplies. If you would like to offer her a home, please fill out our online meeting request form below. Once received and reviewed by our team, your information will be sent to Buko’s owners, and they will reach out to you asap.

Thanks for considering this amazing little girl. She can’t wait to purr and play her way into your heart.


Location: Burbank, CA 91504
Name of Pet: Buko
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed(s) of Pet: Singapura Mix (Adopted in Malaysia)

Age: 2 years
Weight: 5 lbs
Color/Coat: Shorthair – Cream with Gray Markings
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: No
No. She is territorial, and is best suited for a home with no other pets and no small children. This is normal behavior for some cats.
Aggressive toward other cat (we have an older Calico at home).

Reason For Rehoming

Buko chases after and pounces on our calico cat multiple times throughout the day. The calico has been traumatized and stays in the same spot for most of the day. She doesn’t urinate or poo in the proper places and is afraid whenever Buko comes near. They can’t share the same space without us protecting them/preventing them from fighting.

Buko is otherwise quite affectionate with us but seems determined to be the only cat in the household and assert her dominance. This started after we relocated from moving abroad and Buko has grown larger and is not a kitten any more. We feel like she can’t be in a multi-cat home anymore.

Pet’s Personality

She is actually the sweetest thing, full of spirit, and the best snuggler. She will often seek you out, as she loves purring and curling in your lap. (We’ve found she often does this with guests too.) She comes when you call (about 75% of the time.) She’s very curious, enjoys looking out windows, loves to play, and demands a lot of TLC.

She can be a bit of a scavenger as well and will eat any food laid out in the house, or even open up garbage areas to find food, so care has to be taken not to leave food out.

Buko is:

Fully vaccinated
Litter Trained
House Broken

Buko Gets Along With:

Adults, Older, Cat-Saavy Children

Buko’s Current Diet:

Feeding / Food Information:
We had fed her raw chicken meat during her entire time with us. She will eat regular cat food as well, if that is what she is given.

We fed our cats twice a day, 12 hours apart. The second feeding usually includes vitamins. She also occasionally gets cat snacks.