ADOPTED! 2 Sweet Cats in San Antonio TX – Lucy and Zoey

zoey Russian Blue Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption San Antonio TX 2

Lucy and Zoey have been adopted. Thank you for your interest.

Meet Lucy and Zoey. These two very sweet cats have been through a lot in their short lives. Tragically, their owner was murdered in 2019. They would have been orphaned had it not been for the kindness of their owner’s close friend, Courtney, who has been fostering Lucy and Zoey since the tragedy happened.

With 2 cats of her own, keeping Lucy and Zoey forever was not possible, and it is time to start looking for the perfect new home for this deserving pair of pussycats who have been through so much.

Lucy, a gorgeous gray cat with vibrant orange eyes is 3 years old, while her young best friend, Zoey is a gray tabby kitten and just 11 months old. Both cats are very healthy and weigh 10 pounds each. They are clean and well-behaved, spayed and up to date on shots.

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All About Zoey:

She is a fun, enthusiastic, energetic, an extremely loving cat. She loves to run fast and parkour off the walls when she is really excited. She responds to her nickname “Zo-Bo” and will come when called, especially if you are trying to play with her. We joke that she gets “hangry” because she will meow at you very loud when hungry but will purr once you feed her.

She loves to play, she loves her big sister Lucy, and she loves to cuddle. Anyone who adopts her is in for a real treat, she is full of spunk, personality, and just the right amount of sass. One of her quirks is she doesn’t understand how to meow loudly, so her tongue will slip out and she will sometimes forget to put it back in her mouth.

zoey Russian Blue Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption San Antonio TX 2
All About Lucy:

Lucy is a sweet, gentle girl with eyes you can easily get lost in. We joke that she stares into your soul, but she does it when she really cares about you. She loves dogs and enjoys hiding from Zoey who is always looking for her. She is sensitive, but once she knows you, she is a very affectionate cat who loves to be loved on. She is gentle with dogs and LOVES to rub up on them. She is really laid back, likes to spend hours lounging on a cat tree. Her nickname is “Lucy Goosey” and she perks up when you say it.

Zoey and Lucy are originally from Florida. They came to live with their guardian in August, and she has 2 cats and a dog. Her cats were not thrilled with the idea of sharing their owner and their home, and there has been some feline fireworks going on as a result.   Zoey and Lucy will fare much better with their own humans and in a home they can call their own.

Their foster Mom would really love to keep in touch with the cats once they are safe and happy in their new home. Hopefully that will be OK with their new family.

If you have been looking for an incredibly special bonded pair of healthy young cats, you won’t find a more special – or deserving pair of cats than Zoey and Lucy. These two are so loving, funny, adorable and affectionate. They definitely add lots of love, joy, laughter and companionship to life.

Please help bring about a happy ending to this tragic situation and offer Zoey and Lucy a loving home today. They can’t wait to meet you and charm their way into your heart and home. Adopt these beautiful cats today.

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zoey Russian Blue Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption San Antonio TX 10

All About Lucy and Zoey (bonded pair) – DSH Cat For Adoption in San Antonio TX

Name of Pet: Lucy and Zoey (bonded pair)
Location: San Antonio, TX, 78245
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet: DSH
Color / Coat Type: Gray and Gray Tabby
Age of Pet: 3.5 years and 11 Months
Size of Pet: About 10lbs each
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues: No
Gets along with: Older Children, Dogs
Pet is: Spayed, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained
Food: Other
Taste of the Wild brand cat food

Why are Lucy and Zoey (bonded pair) Being Rehomed?

Zoey and Lucy are living in Texas, but are originally from South Florida. Their guardian passed away unexpectedly and they have been in my care since late August 2019. My cats are not welcoming towards them, and I feel they will be happier elsewhere. They LOVE dogs, as long as it is a cat-friendly dog they will not even be scared of it. They were cuddling with my boxer mix the first night they met her.

Lucy and Zoey (bonded pair)’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Lucy and Zoey are well-loved, we wish we could keep them. We are hoping for open-adoption and we would love pictures and maybe see them every once in a while. If it is at all possible… I don’t want to lose them. I would really like to get updates on them and an occasional picture. This is really hard for me.


I’d really like to get them into a new home by April. They’re really stressed out here and I just want what’s best for everyone. We can discuss options at a later date. Also, if we do not have a home by mid-May, could we discuss a foster option? I will be leaving in late June for a cruise and I am terrified of leaving them alone unsupervised with my original cats for that long, even with someone checking on them once a day.

zoey Russian Blue Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption San Antonio TX 10

Need to Rehome a Cat or kitten in San Antonio ? Contact our Tabby cat rehoming team today.

zoey Russian Blue Tabby Mix Cat For Adoption San Antonio TX 10

Lucy and Zoey – Bonded Gray Cats For Adoption in San Antonio TX

Lucy and Zoey (bonded pair) are bonded gray tabby cats for rehoming in San Antonio, TX. They are located near the following towns and cities in Texas:

Leon Valley
Live Oak
Universal City
New Braunfels
Canyon Lake
San Marcos