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Freya is a gorgeous female Pharoah Hound/Lab/Amstaff mix dog. She is around 5 years old and weighs about 50 pounds. Freya is very healthy, and has been Spayed, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Crate trained and House broken.

Freya Gets along with small children (even toddlers) and is very accepting of strangers. She is good with other dogs, and enjoys their company.

Freya does not like being left alone. She is fine with other dogs around, but has some separation anxiety when left completely on her own. She is crate trained, and house broken.

Freya’s owner loves her so much, but his fiancee is very allergic to dogs, and simply cannot be around Freya. As much as it breaks his heart, he realizes that he must find a new home for Freya.

Freya’s ideal home will be with people who have lots of time for her. Ideally, there will be another dog in the home to keep her company when the owners need to be away. She is best suited for stay-at-home families looking for a wonderful, loving and joyful companion.

Please offer Freya the loving home she needs and very much deserves today. She can’t wait to wiggle her way into your heart.

All About Freya

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90048

Name: Freya
Type: Dog
Breed(s): American Staffordshire Terrier Mix (Lab, Retriever, Pharaoh Hound, others?)
Age: ~5 years
Weight: ~50 lbs
Coloring: Primary: black; Secondary: white (short hair)

Health Issues: None

Behavior Issues: Separation anxiety

Freya is very attached to me and displays anxious behaviors when she is left alone in the house. I see her begin to panic when I put on my shoes or grab my keys (but haven’t grabbed her leash). When I leave, but someone else is home, she pants and paces, but she can eventually be calmed down by being told to retreat to her crate. When I leave, but no one is home, she pants and panics, and then chews on parts of the house. She mostly causes damage to the front door and windows at the front of the house. The amount of damage she causes varies. Usually it is a very small amount, but every once in a while she takes a big chunk out of something.

Freya does not have this problem at daycare or overnight boarding, even for an extended period, as long as there are other dogs around for her to focus on. It is for this reason I believe she will be most comfortable in a home that already has another dog.

My Situation:

My girlfriend and I started dating and fell in love. Unfortunately, we were allergic to each other’s pets. She had two cats, and I have Freya. My allergy to cats is very severe, so we knew there was no way I could live with them in the home; she has already rehomed them. Her allergy to dogs, however, is much less severe, so we decided she should move in with me and Freya, and we would see if we could make it work. After she moved in her allergies got bad, and she became very sick. She went to an allergist and discovered that, in addition to dogs, she is allergic to a number of other things as well, chief among them: dust mites.

My girlfriend now gets regular allergy shots multiple times a week, and she takes a complicated allergy drug cocktail every day, we clean the house more frequently, we added air purifiers, Freya gets baths far more frequently, and we started using an anti-allergen solution on her. All of this has served to alleviate the problem only slightly. She can function well enough, but she still constantly feels the effects of her allergies, and if she misses any part of her allergy drug cocktail, the symptoms come back in force.

We’ve actually now determined that Freya herself (and her dander and saliva) is not the biggest cause of my girlfriend’s allergies, but with her around it is nearly impossible for us to keep the house clean enough to offer up any real allergy relief.

Pet’s Personality:
Freya is exceptionally sweet and gentle. Most of the time she is docile and keeps to herself, but when she sees you she lights up (especially if she’s already familiar with you). Her butt and tail wag fiercely as she squeaks her joy at seeing you. If she’s never met you, she might be a little more hesitant, but she’s usually receptive to anyone who knows how to be accommodating to a dog (i.e. getting down to dog-level and letting her have a good sniff). She also likes to kiss toddlers on the face.

Around other dogs, Freya is the belle of the ball. All she ever wants to do is play, and she can go uninterrupted for hours and hours, if she has the opportunity. This is in stark contrast to her usual demeanor, which is very calm and serene. It seems Freya has two speeds: “Stop,” and “GO GO GO!” She almost always plays well with others (the only exception I know of being when she’s confronted with another highly dominant female).

Freya has extraordinary stamina and runs like she was fired from a cannon. But if she doesn’t get her exercise for a day here and there, she doesn’t go tearing around the house. She doesn’t pester you for things. She barely begs. She even seems to know that my girlfriend can’t touch her; she’ll get close and sound excited to see her, but she doesn’t demand attention or petting.

Freya is a smart dog. She takes to training very well. She learned her name within a day of coming home with me. She got “sit” and “down” about two days later. I taught her a few other things over the next few weeks, and it was incredibly easy. I got her to a place with training where I was mostly satisfied, but there are certainly places where her behavior could be improved. She still pulls at the leash a bit, and she comes when called about 60% of the time.

Food: Other
Freya usually gets a mixture of 2 cups Natural Balance Duck & Sweet Potato (dry) and 1/4 can of Canidae Chicken & Rice (wet). She gets that combination twice a day (morning and evening). She also gets snacks periodically throughout the day (usually some meat/jerky-type thing, sometimes biscuits). When she’s being boarded, she usually gets just the dry food, or whatever house dry food the boarding place has, and this rarely makes her stomach upset.

Additional comments
I’ve had Freya for nearly five years. In that time I’ve accumulated a number of products for her care/entertainment (crate, bed, bowls, toys, etc). Wherever she ends up going, all this stuff would of course go with her.


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