REHOMED – Beautiful Baby – Sweet Senior Calico Cat Found Quiet, Loving Home in San Diego California

Baby has found her forever home – a second time! We were asked to locate a loving home for this sweet old lady cat by her owner, who had to move to the UK and could not take her along. Shari, a nice young woman, fell in love with Baby, and offered her a wonderful home with she and her fiance. Unfortunately, as thinks sometimes happen, Shari and her fiance went their separate ways, and she could no longer provide a good home for Baby.

Find My Pet A Home got busy and located another good home for Baby. Baby is now being cherished by her new owners in San Diego.

We are often asked whether it is possible to find good homes for senior cats. Baby’s story shows that senior cats still have a lot of love to offer, and that there are cat lovers who are happy to open their hearts and homes to older cats.

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Here is how our rehoming team presented Baby to locate her forever family:

Hi, My name is Baby!

Calico Cat For Adoption in El Cajon

I am a very special cat. I have a gorgeous calico coat and deep green eyes. I am also a tuxedo cat, with a cute white chest and paws. Although I am 14 years old, I am very healthy. I have been spayed, and have been very lovingly cared for by my owner since I was a small kitten. She named me baby, because as a kitten I loved to be carried around and cuddled like an infant.

My owner loves me very much, but life sometimes presents enormous challenges between pet and owner. In our case it was an overseas move for work. She simply could not take me with her to England, and I am currently being fostered by her friend.

She is dearly hoping to find someone special for me to love. I am a really nice little cat with a heart of gold. I am quiet and very low maintenance. I am affectionate, but like to do so on my own terms. Because of my senior status and my rather demure nature, I am not suited for a family with kids or a home with lots of pets.

My purrfect home would be with a single or couple – or a family with older kids. I get along fine with other cats and dogs (as long as they are cat-friendly). I am OK by myself during the day, but love to snuggle on your lap purring while you watch tv or read in the evenings.

I live in El Cajon (near San Diego) right now, but would be happy to move to where you live. Please offer a grand old lady the home I need and deserve. I will bring all my kitty things along with me, along with the deep appreciation and friendship of my owner, who would very much love to keep in touch with me.

Love and Purrs,

More About Baby

Location: El Cajon, CA, 92020
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: Short hair
Age: 14
Color/Coat Type: Calico
Size: 11 lbs
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: Yes

Baby is:
Spayed, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained

Baby gets along with:
Babies, Adults Only, Dogs, Cats


Baby is a sweet cat who is content on her own but likes to sit beside you or on your lap while watching television. She loves napping in sunny spots, bird watching, catching moths and other flying insects.
We adopted her as a wee kitten – Walmart give away! She was so tiny that she would topple over due to her larger head size! We named her Baby as she always wanted to be held as a kitten and we all took turns carrying her around.

Reason For Rehoming

I have taken a job in England for 3 years. I have tried to find a home for her for 6 months. My neighbor is fostering her for me until we can find a permanent home.