Maltese Bichon Frise Mix Dogs (Maltichons) For Adoption by Owner Near You

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Zara, an adorable maltichon (maltese bichon frise mix) dog rehomed by our small dog rehoming team. Get on our maltichon adoption waiting list to be contacted when we have a match for you.

Find Maltese Bichon Frise Mix Dogs & Puppies For Adoption Near You

Searching for Maltishons for adoption? Want to adopt a Maltese Bichon Frise mix dog or puppy? Pet Adoptions Network unites Maltichon owners who can no longer care for their companions with dog lovers looking to add a wonderful pre-loved Maltichon to their lives.

Through Pet Adoption Network, you can find Maltishons for adoption by owner throughout the USA and Canada.

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Maltishon Rehoming Services

If you need to find a good home for your precious Maltese Bichon Frise mix dog or puppy, Pet Adoptions Network can help. We offer expert help in rehoming Maltichon dogs and puppies throughout the USA and Canada.

Our proven dog rehoming process ensures that your pet finds a home safely, with the least amount of stress possible. We know how difficult this is for you, and so we offer a shoulder to lean on, expert advise, and a process that has found amazing homes for thousands of pets throughout the USA and Canada.

If you need help finding your little dog a good home safely, effectively and permanently, please request our dog rehoming services today!

Questions about our Maltishon Rehoming services? We are just a phone call away. Call or text Debbie Moore at (888) 720-3322

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Maltichon Adoption Listings

The Maltichon dogs and puppies listed below have been placed for adoption by owner through our service. If you would like to offer a home to one of these Maltishons, the first step is to fill out our online meeting request form.  If the dog has been adopted, we will let you know, and will keep your application on file so that we can contact you when another little dog comes available near you – before we begin the process of rehoming.

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Brigett’s adoption story – purebred bichon frise dog in los angeles, california

Brigett’s Adoption Story – Purebred Bichon Frise Dog in Los Angeles, California

Meet Brigett, the cuddle-bug Bichon Frise from Newbury Park, ready to leap into your heart and snuggle up on your couch!  This 7-year-old fluff ball is a bundle of love, always eager to shower you with affection and perfectly content being your personal chill-out companion. Despite her royal demeanor, our furry friend has a quirky side – she’s a chatty greeter to visitors (her bark’s worse than her bite!) and she’s hoping to find a patient human who’ll play the role of potty coach with love and consistency. 

If you’re a cozy-home connoisseur with room for one more, or a small family looking for a fur-kid to spoil, Brigett’s your girl – read on to discover how you can make her dream of a forever home come true! 

Special needs maltipoo for adoption in port coquitlam bc – supplies included – adopt maggie

Special Needs Maltipoo For Adoption in Port Coquitlam BC – Supplies Included – Adopt Maggie

Looking for a Maltipoo Dog to adopt in Coquitlam, BC? Just 8 years years old and weighing 15 lbs, Maggie has been spayed, fully vaccinated, housetrained and leash trained. She is good with adults and dog-friendly cats.  

Maggie is a rescue dog, transported to BC through a rescue organization from California. She is a sweet and cuddly little girl, but has congenital Cataracts, making her essentially blind. She can be timid after having lived a very rough life, so needs someone to be patient with her and love her unconditionally.

Maltese mix dog for adoption in san francisco ca – supplies included – adopt wallace

Maltese mix Dog For Adoption in San Francisco CA – Supplies Included – Adopt Wallace

Meet Wallace, a Maltese mix Dog for adoption by owner in San Francisco CA. Looking for a little Maltese dog for adoption in San Francisco CA and area? Just 5 years old and weighing 14 lbs, this lovely Maltese mix Dog has been Neutered, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, House Broken. Wallace is good with Babies, Toddlers,…