Lucy has found her forever home! We couldn’t have imagined a better home for this sweet girl than with Barry and Annette, a retired couple who divide their time between their lake house in Michigan and their winter home in Florida. Lucy is going to be spoiled rotten. She will have both owners home with her all the time, and they plan to take her with them everywhere. Lucy was rehomed in 6 weeks. We took our time as we wanted to find the perfect home for her.

Here is what Lucy’s original owner said about her new home:

Barry and his wife, Annette have adopted Lucy today. I can’t stop crying, but upon meeting these people I’m absolutely sure that I’ve made the right decision. They’re both so loving and wonderful.

Thank you again so very much for all of your help! I really, truly appreciate it. I couldn’t have found the perfect home for her if it weren’t for all of your time and efforts.


Maltipoo For Adoption Ohio 2

What a little cutie-pie!

Here is how our rehoming team presented Lucy to attract her new family:

Looking for an absolutely darling little lap dog? Lucy is as sweet as they come. This Black and White Maltipoo is just 10 years young. She is very healthy, and has been spayed, house-broken and up to date on her shots. This little cutie is so agreeable – she gets along with other dogs, cats and children, whom she adores. Lucy is playful, affectionate and a great friend. Please offer her a loving, forever home today.

Hi, My name is Lucy!

I am a Black wavy Female Maltipoo Dog. I am 10 years young and weigh 12 lbs. I live in Port Huron, Mi.

My owner loves me so much! Her favorite things about me are:

I love how happy she is.
I love how playful she is.
I love how cuddly she is.
I love that she likes to go for walks, but can also calm down enough to chill and cuddle.
I love how excited she always is to see people and other pets.

She is having to rehome me because she has no choice but to move, and pets are not allowed.

All About Lucy

Name of Pet: Lucy Location: Port Huron, Mi, 48060 Type of Pet: Dog Breed of Pet: Maltipoo Sex of Pet: Female

Age of Pet: 10 Spayed/Neutered?: Yes Health Problems: No Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes Gets along with cats: Yes Gets along with dogs: Yes Good with Children?: Yes House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes Crate Trained?: No Accessories Included: I’ll send her off with her two well-loved pandas, a little squeeky elephant ball, a baby blanket, her crate (which she doesn’t love), a dog bed, whatever dog food I have left, treats, food and water bowls, collar, leashes, bark collar (I know it sounds mean, but I did a lot of research before picking the one I did).


Lucy’s Personality

I love how happy she is.
I love how playful she is.
I love how cuddly she is.
I love that she likes to go for walks, but can also calm down enough to chill and cuddle.
I love how excited she always is to see people and other pets.

Lucy’s Current Home Environment

We currently live in an apartment with no yard, which I hate. She loves to run around, chase birds and squirrels around, and just enjoy being outside- in snow or grass.

Lucy’s Current Family:

It’s just Lucy and I. I’m a 25 year old who works in a bank 40 hours a week. I hate leaving her alone for 8 hours a day, but can’t afford a sitter.

Lucy’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Her favorite toys are her stuffed panda toys! I went through a phase where I loved pandas, so everyone bought me stuffed animals. Her two favorite toys are a little stuffed panda, and a Lucy-sized panda. She throws them around, nibbles on their ears, plays fetch with them, and even dominates them (if I may be so bold). lol

Cute Lucy Story:

When I was first picking her from the litter as a puppy, her mom was jumping up – waist high! – at her human mom. I thought to myself in that moment, “I hope my dog doesn’t do it that when she’s grown!” But she does now, and I think it’s so endearing! She jumps right up into my arms every day when I get back from work. She’s always so happy and excited to share her love- showing what an absolute sweetie she is!

Why is Lucy Being Rehomed?

I’ve had Lucy since she was a puppy whom I could fit in the palm of my hand. I absolutely adore her-she’s my baby and my best friend. She’s been with me through thick and thin! It absolutely breaks my heart to even think about having to give her up, but I’ll be moving house this July and am not able to take her with me to my future residence. I’ve tried everything I could think of to avoid this move, but nothing else will work out.

Lucy’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I’m looking for a very loving family, with someone at home most of the time, with a fenced in backyard in which Lucy can run a mock whenever she pleases. She needs people to love and a yard to play in.

Additional Comments:

Lucy is the funniest, sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She warms my heart every time I look at her. She has her faults, but we all do. I’m looking for a very loving home to place her in, where I know she’ll be well taken care of.