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Introducing Our New Dog Finder Services

At Pet Rehoming Network, we understand the profound joy that comes from welcoming a new furry friend into your life. But we also know that searching for the perfect dog or puppy can be fraught with challenges, particularly in the digital age where online scams and unethical practices are sadly all too common.

We’ve seen how seniors, especially, can become targets of these unscrupulous tactics. Scammers often prey on loneliness and a genuine desire for companionship, promising adorable puppies for a seemingly reasonable fee. Yet, all too often, these promises turn out to be nothing more than heartbreak and financial loss.

That’s why, in conjunction with our dog rehoming services, we’re proud to offer our new Dog Finder Service. With this service, we put our 20+ years of experience in working with reputable breeders to work for you. Our founder, Debbie Moore, has an extensive knowledge of dog breeds and breeders, which can be leveraged to help you find the perfect companion. Whether you are looking for an adorable adoptable Maltipoo, a gorgeous purebred German Shepherd, or a brand new puppy from one of our reputable and ethical dog breeders, we will make sure your dreams become reality.

Whether you’d like to join our waiting list to be contacted when a dog matching your preferences becomes available for rehoming, or if you’d like us to actively search for your dream dog or puppy through our network of ethical, responsible breeders, we’re here to help.

By availing of our Dog Finder Service, you can bypass the stress and risk of online scams and the potential health and behavior issues associated with puppy mill puppies. Instead, we help you locate a reputable breeder, ensuring that your new companion is a healthy, happy addition to your life.

Let us be your guiding hand in finding your next four-legged friend. Sign up for our Dog Finder Service here!



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