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Woman filling out rehoming request on computer with her dog at her side

Request Pet Rehoming Services For Your Dog or Cat

Please note: Before you complete this form, please review our pet rehoming packages so you know which service will work best for you, your pet, and your situation.

Urgent Rehoming Requests | Pets With Health or Behavior Issues | Request Rehoming Services


We are not a rescue or shelter, we are a virtual pet rehoming and adoption service that helps owners find the right home for their pet. Finding the right home for each pet is so important to their future welfare and wellbeing, and rehoming should not be done in haste.

We are not able to take on highly urgent rehoming situations. We do not “take in” your pet, nor can you “surrender” your pet to us. Your pet must remain with you or in the care of a friend or family member while a good home is found through our excellent rehoming process.

While we are sometimes able to find a home for a pet in a few days, rehoming can take a number of weeks (or longer in some cases, depending on your pet’s characteristics, your location, time of year and other factors.) We are not able to provide a guarantee on time-frame.

Always feel free to send us a message to inquire about your situation and your pet. Some breeds and types of dog or cat are less challenging to rehome quickly, and we may even have someone on our waiting list looking for a pet just like yours.


Please be sure to check with us if your pet has a health or behavior issue. In some cases, this issue can be solved by finding the right situation for your pet, but not always.

Sometimes, if you are able to offer a small “fund” (usually we recommend $500) that can be placed on deposit with an adopter’s veterinarian of choice, people are more willing to consider pets that have a health issue that requires regular care and medications.

Always feel free to check with us to inquire about your pet’s specific health or behavior issue. We will be happy to consider your pets’ specific health status, care needs, and other traits with you. Thinking outside the box can really help make a previously “unadoptable” pet much more appealing to adopters. Please be sure to check with us.

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