Very Loving Foster Home Needed For 1 YR For Sweet Jack Russell Mix in Sacramento – Supplies, Stipend Offered

Very Loving Foster Home Needed For 1 YR For Sweet Jack Russell Mix in Sacramento – Supplies, Stipend Offered


Rexie - Jack Russell Terrier Mix For Foster Home in Sacramento CARexie is a sweet and spunky 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier mix. He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, healthy and crate trained. Rexie is good with cats, and also with older children. He is not always great with other dogs, so he would be best suited for a home without other dogs. He has been known to get along with some dogs, but not all dogs.

Rexie’s owner loves him so much. She has to be away from him for a year, until June 2018, and is looking for a very loving home where he will be cherished and well cared for during the next year. All supplies will be included, and the owner is willing to offer the foster home a monthly gratuity in thanks for their efforts in caring for him.

Rexie is a rescue dog. He has a few quirks, but they just make him all the more special. He is a loving, loyal, funny and smart companion who always makes life enjoyable. Rexie is housetrained, so long as he has a doggie door with access to a securely fenced back yard. He needs to be crated at night, which is his normal routine.

Like most terriers, Rexie can be somewhat vocal at times, but he has a bark collar which helps keep him quiet. Rexie is used to spending some time alone while his owner is at work, and she has a very good routine in place for him which includes a doggie door, pen and dog house.

Rexie’s owner is dearly hoping to find a foster home where he will be treated like family. He is a dear little dog and she wants to ensure he is well cared for, happy and healthy in her absence. She would like to keep in touch with the foster family, and will provide all supplies he will need, and also a monthly stipend for your efforts in caring for him.

Please offer this sweet little guy the loving foster home he needs and deserves today. He can’t wait to meet you!


Sacramento, CA 95816
Name of Pet: Rexie
Breed of Pet: Jack Russell mix
Sex of Pet: Male
Age of Pet: 13
Size/Weight (if Dog): 23 lbs
Pet’s Color and Coat Type: short hair, white
Spayed/Neutered?: yes
Up to date on vaccinations?: yes
Is pet microchipped or tattoed?: yes
Does this pet get along with cats?: Yes
Does this pet get along with dogs?: No (sometimes ok)
Is this pet good with children?: Older children
Is this pet house broken or litter trained?: Yes, but needs access to yard via doggie door. needs to be crated at night.
Is this pet crate-trained?: Yes
Does Your Pet Have Any Health Problems?: No
Does Your Pet Have Any Behavior Problems? Minor separation anxiety.

If yes, please provide details: He will sometimes chew on shoes or other things if he is bored. He will also bark if bored or lonely. He wears a bark collar if necessary which is very effective.

Rexie’s Personality:

Very energetic, loving, loyal. He is a rescue dog.

Always has a smile on his face; loves to snuggle on couch; likes long walks; good watchdog; charming.

Rexie’s Current Home

I live in a small house with a small backyard. I have a dog door with a pen around it where Rexie stays while I am gone. This is the best arrangement for him since he is not housebroken — he will go outside to go to the bathroom if has a door. He has a small doghouse outside. He sleeps in a crate at night. He is used to being alone during the day when I work. I got Rexie when my daughter was 10 and he was a good companion for her.

Rexie’sĀ favorite toys, foods, activities?

Walking, Greenies, chew toys with food in the center

Cute Rexie Story:

He pulled my daughter on her skateboard when she was 10 and 11.

Why Foster Care Needed?

This is a temporary one year placement. I am retiring and relocating to a place where I can’t have dogs. I will be able to take Rexie back in June 2017.

Looking for loving people who understand dogs and treat them like family.

Supplies Included:

A crate, blankets/pillows, supply of chew toys. doghouse for outside, bark collar. I am open to discussing a small monthly stipend.