Pets for private adoption by owner in San Diego
Looking for pets for adoption in San Diego and area? Pet Rehoming Network, a private pet rehoming service serving the area, showcases puppies, kittens cats and dogs for adoption by owner.

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Ragdoll Mix And Russian Blue Mix Cats Adoption San Diego CA 1

Bonded Ragdoll and Russian Blue Mix Cats For Adoption in San Diego CA – Supplies Included – Adopt TJ & Jack

Meet Tuna Jr (TJ) and Jack Sparrow - Bonded Ragdoll Mix and Russian Blue Mix Male Cats For Adoption in San Diego CA Have you been looking for a very special bonded pair of cats for adoption in San Diego, California and area? Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present TJ and Jack Sparrow, 2 bonded male cats that are as sweet and affectionate on the inside as they are handsome and adorable on the outside. Tuna Jr (TJ) is 3 years old and weighs almost 16 pounds while Jack Sparrow is 7 years old and weighs about 14 pounds. Both boys are healthy, fixed, up to date on shots and clean and litter box trained. They are well behaved cats that get along well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs.They have not been around small kids, but would be fine with cat-friendly older kids. The cats will be rehomed with a long list of supplies as well as vet records. Adopt this deserving pair of amazing male cats in San Diego, CA today. #sandiegocats #sandiego #sandiegopets #catsofinstagram #catstagram #catsofig #catlovers #ragdollcat #ragdoll #ragdollsofinstagram #ragdolllovers #ragdollcats #ragdollcatsofinstagram #ragdolllove #ragdolls #ragdollkitty #russianbluecat #russianblue #russianbluesofinstagram #russianblueworld #russianbluecats #russianbluecatsofinstagram #russianblues #greycat #russianbluelove #russianbluekitty
Red And White Border Collie Puppy To Adopt In Chula Vista Ca

Border Collie Puppies For Adoption in Chula Vista CA – Supplies Included

Adorable 9 week old Border Collie puppies for adoption in Chula Vista CA. 2 Black and White and one Red and White. Healthy and Ready to love. Adopt a sweet Border Collie puppy in San Diego and area today. #ChulaVista #SanDiego #BorderCollies #BorderColliePuppies #Cutepuppies #dogsofsandiego #bordercolliesofig #instacolle #bordercolliesofinstagram #elcahon #sandiegodogs #sandiegopuppies #bordercollieoftheday #bordercollielovers To adopt a puppy, please visit the adoption story link below:
Pitbull Puppy Needs Foster Care In San Diego

Urgent Foster Home Needed for Sweet Pitbull Puppy in San Diego – Supplies Included – Please Foster Randal

Sweet Pitbull puppy urgently needs temporary foster care in San Diego. Randal is the sweetest boy. He is shy at first and keeps his tail firmly between his legs. Once he gets to know you, he is so cuddly and sweet. He hasn't a mean bone in his body. His owner is in dire straights, having run out of time trying to find a rental that will allow Randal. She needs someone to take care of him until she can find a suitable place that will allow Randal. She will provide all supplies and vet care. Please help as they are at risk of becoming homeless. #SanDiegodogs #DogsofSandiego #SanDiego #Sandiegopetlovers #Sandiegoca
Black And White Tuxedo Cat For Adoption In San Diego CA

Precious Tuxedo Cat For Adoption in San Diego CA – Supplies Included – Adopt Lovey

Looking for a Black and White Tuxedo Cat to adopt in San Diego, CA? Lovey is a darling little cat that can't wait to meet you! A very healthy 6 year old cat, Lovey weighs about 12 pounds. She has been spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, litter box trained, and is a clean and well-behaved cat. This very precious female cat is about as cuddly and charming a cat as you will find anywhere. She loves her people with all her heart and will follow you around the house as you go about your daily tasks, offering moral support and the occasional meow. Lovey is also a little clown that loves to entertain you with her playful antics. Unlike most cats, Lovey really enjoys tummy rubs. It's quite possible that she thinks she is a dog! Lovey's owner is sad to have to find this wonderful cat a new home. Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, she and her two siblings no longer see eye to eye on most things. Lovey, for whatever reason, has decided that she wants to be an only cat, and has been terrorizing her sisters. This little Princess clearly needs a kingdom of her very own to rule over. Lovey's owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished Black and White Tuxedo Cat. They are hoping to find a new home for Lovey where this special Black and White Tuxedo Cat will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. Adopt Lovey the Tuxedo cat in San Diego today! #sandiego #sandiegocatadoption #catsofsandiego #tuxedocat #catsofinstagram #cats #cat #tuxedocatsofinstagram #catstagram #of #catlife #adoptdontshop #blackandwhitecat #instagram #meow #instacat #catlover #tuxedofeatures #catlovers #kitten #kitty #tuxedocats #catoftheday #tuxedocatsrule #kittens #tuxedo #catsofig #kittensofinstagram #rescuecat #cute #blackcat #cutecat #tuxiesofinstagram
Handsome Lab Pitbull Terrier Mix For Adoption In San Diego - Supplies Included - Adopt Cap

Obedience Trained Yellow Labrador Retriever Mix Dog For Adoption in San Diego CA – Supplies Included – Adopt Captain

Looking for a Yellow Labrador Retriever mix Dog to adopt in San Diego, CA? Just 18 months old, Captain is a healthy, happy dog. He is a big boy weighing 65 pounds. He has been fixed, fully vaccinated, microchipped,  crate trained, housebroken,  as well as leash and obedience trained. Captain has an amazing personality! He's the quintessential happy Lab, spreading sunshine everywhere he goes. Cap loves children, and is great with slightly older kids. Cap likes to meet new people and other dog-friendly dogs. He's a real social butterfly! Cap likes to stay active, and really enjoys going for walks on the beach. active as he enjoys daily walks, as well as hiking and trips to the beach. Cap is a friendly boy who is always excited to meet new people and other dog-friendly dog, offering lots of kisses and cuddles. Though playful and energetic, he also enjoys lazing around in the sun and naps with his people. Cap has worked on his manners and obedience, and has proven he will work hard to earn yummy treats. Cap's owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished dog. They are hoping to find a new home for Cap where this special dog will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. If you have room in your heart and home for Cap please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our San Diego Dog Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Cap and his owners. Adopt Cap today! There is a $150.00 adoption processing fee. Supplies, accessories, and veterinary records will be included. #SanDiegoDogAdoptions #YellowLabsofSanDiego #DogsofSanDiego #SanDiegoDogs #YellowLabLovers #LabradorRetrievers #ILoveLabs #YellowLabsForAdoption #YellowLabRehoming #AdoptdontshopSanDiego #LabsofIG #InstaLab