A New Home For Lucy, a Dog From Jacksonville, FL

Find My Pet A Home Found Lucy The Perfect Loving Home In Just 5 days!

Hello Debbie,

We have successfully re-homed Lucy. The first lady that contacted your company named Amy was the family that took Lucy into their home.

We were able to bring Lucy to Amy’s house to introduce Lucy to Amy and although it was hard to leave her there things went very well.

Earlier today we spoke to Amy and she said that Lucy is doing very well. Amy said that it took Lucy a day or so but she is now loving all over Amy and cuddling with her when Amy sits on the couch and sleeps at night. We are so happy that we were able to find Lucy a loving home and Amy says that we can come over whenever to visit Lucy which is great!

Thank you for your help and the service that your company provides.

Thank you again,
Jacksonville, FL

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