Small Hypoallergenic Dogs For Adoption Near You

Are you an allergy sufferer hoping to find a small hypoallergenic dog for adoption near you? We showcase pre-loved dogs and puppies looking for forever homes through our private dog rehoming network.

One of the best ways to locate the right small allergy friendly dog for your family is directly from the owner. There are many reasons why a dog owner chooses to rehome a small dog, and they are not always what you expect.

A few valid reasons for small dog rehoming include:

  • An elderly small dog owner has to go into a senior care facility that does not allow pets.
  • A divorce has left both owners without the ability to care for their small dog due to landlord restrictions, financial difficulties, demanding work schedules and more.
  • Disability has made it difficult or impossible for an owner to provide the care, exercise, playtime or companionship a small dog needs.
  • Financial difficulties prevent the owner from providing proper nutrition and veterinary care for their small hypo-allergenic dog.
  • An owner has passed away.
  • A couple start a family, and the small dog is anxious and possibly snappish around the small child.
  • An owner has to move overseas, and bringing their small dog would be difficult due to quarantines, high travel costs or other.
    A small dog has a health condition that the owner is unable to care for. (Example, a diabetic dog needing twice daily shots)