Golden retriever dog for adoption in north vancouver, bc

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Dog for Adoption in North Vancouver BC – Meet Buddy

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Looking for a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog for adoption in North Vancouver, BC? Buddy would love to be considered for the position of your cherished family companion.

This delightful dog from North Vancouver, BC, is urgently seeking a super special, snugly sanctuary where he can spread his sunshine and share his sweetness.

Buddy is a young, vibrant, one-year-old Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix with a heart as golden as his radiant coat. Weighing in at a sturdy 80 pounds, Buddy is no featherweight. Instead, he is a bundle of boisterous energy, eager for exploration and adventure, especially in the woods – his favourite playpen!

With Buddy, there’s never a dull moment. He’s a lovable goofball who knows how to bring a smile to your face with his antics. But don’t let his goofy nature fool you; Buddy is brilliantly bright! He’s got the smarts that will leave you in awe and a communication style that might even convince you he’s trying to talk!

Heartbreakingly, Buddy’s current owners are forced to find him a new forever home due to unforeseen circumstances. Their hearts ache at the thought of parting with their cherished companion, but they are determined to find a home that showers Buddy with endless love, ensures his safety, and keeps him in the pink of health.

If you have space in your heart and home for this radiant Retriever, then Buddy might just be the buddy for you! He’s ready to leap into your life and show you what unconditional love truly means. So why wait? Read on to discover how you can bring Buddy’s boundless love and laughter into your home today. After all, a life with Buddy is sure to be brimming with bliss, belly rubs, and beautiful memories.

Meet Buddy – Pre-Loved Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog For Adoption by Owner in North Vancouver BC

Buddy is a Male Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near North Vancouver, BC. This very special dog is 12 months old and weighs 80 pounds.

5 Amazing Things About Buddy:

He cuddles

He loves to be in the woods

He is goofy !

He is so smart

He talks to us

Buddy’s owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished dog, but circumstances beyond their control have made rehoming a must-do.

They are hoping to find the right home where this deserving dog will be loved unconditionally and kept safe, happy, healthy and well-cared-for.

If you have room in your heart and home for Buddy, then please offer a loving, forever home today. Buddy can’t wait to show you the true meaning of unconditional love.

How To Adopt Buddy

Please fill out our online meeting request form via the button below. Once your application is received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

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There is a $250 adoption/rehoming fee. Supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Buddy?


All About Buddy – Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog For Adoption in North Vancouver BC

Name of Pet: Buddy
Location: North Vancouver, BC, V7j 3g7
Type of Pet: dog
Breed of Pet: Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix
Sex of Pet: Male
Age of Pet: 12 months
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues: Yes Not behaviour problems but territorial around the home. He is fantastic out off leash and on leash as well but around our house ONLY he is protective
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Unknown
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Good With Children aged 8 and up
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Yes
Crate Trained?: Yes
Accessories Included: I have two larger beds, toys, leash, collar, toys etc

Buddy’s Personality

Buddy is so much love.

He is happy and falls in love with his family

He wants to learn and is eager to be snuggled

He likes to sleep and go for long runs every day.

He does have a fast trigger when he is unsure – German shepherd side and will bark at triggers

It is best to not have him near small children

Buddy’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

He loves peanut butter!

Loves chews

iAMs kibble

Cute Buddy Story:

He wakes us up every morning with MR squeaky

He comes running in with the toy in his mouth squeaking to say hello ❤️

Why is Buddy Being Rehomed?

Buddy is amazing and I have been training and so determined to make our home work. I love him with my whole heart. So do my boys.

Buddy has some behaviours that are too hard for my gentle nature being a single mom with two boys.

He is actually doing so well but right now he is showing territory issues around our house. I can’t have friends in to the house and then a few days ago he aggressively barked at a child.

I want to do the right thing and put him in a space that is safe for him rather than have it get worse or have him actually bite because we are in a complex

Buddy’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

I feel buddy would do well with people who are at home who have lots of time to focus to training with him.

He wouldn’t do well with younger children.

Outdoor space would be perfect.

We love Buddy and would love to be in touch with him if possible

Buddy – Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog For Rehoming in North Vancouver BC

Buddy is a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog for adoption by owner in North Vancouver BC. Buddy is located close to the following towns and cities in BC, and can be adopted from anywhere within a reasonable distance.

North Vancouver

Adopt this deserving Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog in North Vancouver BC today.

Thank you for your interest in this Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix dog for adoption in North Vancouver BC.