REHOMED- MILO – Havanese Dog in Raleigh NC

Milo - Havanese Dog For Adoption in Raleigh NC

Have you been looking for a Havanese dog for adoption in Raleigh NC? Milo is a healthy 4 year old male purebred Havanese dog looking for a loving new home. He is fixed and up to date on his shots. Milo is house trained and well behaved. He has a very affectionate personality and thrives on being the center of attention by adoring owners. He does not do well left alone or crated, so needs owners who are home most of the time. He is a very lovable lap dog. He loves to play with his toys and is athletic, energetic, snuggly and adorable. Adopt Milo today.

REHOMED – Rigby Handsome 6 YO Purebred Havanese Dog New City NY

Rigby Havanese Dog For Adoption New City NY 2

Rigby has found his forever home. Details to follow! Need to Rehome a Havanese Dog? Contact our pet rehoming coordinator, or request Havanese dog rehoming services now. Here is how our dog rehoming team presented Rigby to attract his new home: Hi, My name is Rigby!   Rigby is a “Snuggleupagus”. He is all love, … Read moreREHOMED – Rigby Handsome 6 YO Purebred Havanese Dog New City NY