ADOPTED – Jimmy – Amazing Male Tabby Cat, 3, Seattle WA

ADOPTED – Jimmy – Amazing Male Tabby Cat, 3, Seattle WA

Jimmy Tabby Cat For Adoption in Seattle 2Jimmy found his forever home in just 3 days! While this isn’t always the case, we are so happy that Jimmy was united with his forever family so promptly!

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Here is how our Seattle cat rehoming team presented Jimmy to attract his new family:

Hi, My name is Jimmy!

Jimmy Tabby Cat For Adoption in Seattle 2


Jimmy is the quintessential “LOVE CAT”. Shy at first, once this sweet boy feels comfortable with you, he is your best friend. He is such a cuddly little companion. He loves to follow his humans around the house and stay involved in whatever you happen to be doing.

He is playful and very affectionate – really good company, and, frankly, even a bit “too needy” (if there is such a thing when it comes to snuggle bunnies like Jimmy!)

Jimmy is only 3. He has been fixed, had all his shots, and is microchipped. He is very healty.

Jimmy’s owner loves him so much. Her situation is difficult; she is training to be a chef and trying to practice her culinary skills at home in her kitchen. Jimmy doesn’t understand that she needs the kitchen to be cat-free, and that makes for a dangerous situation where chopping vegetables and frying food at high temperatures are concerned.

She is hoping to find Jimmy a very loving home where he will be cherished and kept safe, happy and healthy. He will be rehomed with all of his supplies, including his wonderful cat tree.

Jimmy needs to be the only pet. He is shy around young children, dogs and other cats. Please offer Jimmy the loving home he needs and deserves today!

Location: Seattle, Washington, 98119
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: Tabby Cat
Age: 3 years
Color/Coat Type: Grey/brown/black with stripes, short hair
Size: About 8 pounds
Health Issues: None
Behavior Issues: None

Jimmy is:
Neutered, Microchipped, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained

Jimmy gets along with:
Older Children, Adults


Quite shy at first but once he gets used to the family and the environment, he becomes very affectionate and attached. He can get needy and follow you around all the time. Very curious to see what his family is up. He is also very playful when during the afternoon and before bedtime.

When he is affectionate, he loves to snuggle, sleep, and groom next to his family for long periods of time once he gets used to you. He also love pets and face/chin rubs and will ask for them quite often. Will also groom you extensively while grooming himself when sitting next to you or in your lap.

Food and Diet

Jimmy is currently on Other

I’ve been feeding him 3 oz of Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Chicken Frick-a-zee at 9:30am. Another 3 oz can at 5:30pm. A last 3oz can at 11:30pm. I have an automatic feeder setup to feed him 1/8 cup of Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food at 4:30am.

Jimmy seems to love anything chicken and doesn’t care much for seafood based foods.

He got checked by the vet very recently (3/18/2017) and confirmed he is healthy even though he eats a lot. The vet has recommended to feed him like this until he reaches 10lbs but to wean off the food a bit and help him stabilize once he reaches that point.

Reason For Rehoming

We are two young adults living in the city of Seattle. My boyfriend works weekdays 10 to 7 and I’m almost always home doing creative work at my desk and cooking everyday. I’m currently working on learning and strengthening useful professional skills in the kitchen. I am also working on experimenting and executing new recipes for a future cafe business.

I’ve loved my cat through the short time we’ve been together but because he’s very needy, I cannot stop and work at my desk and especially not in the kitchen where it is crucial for me to spend my time in. I am always worrying and stressed out that he might eat something he’s not supposed to or get hurt if he jumps up at my workspace since I have knives, other blades, and extremely hot pans out when I’m working almost all the time.

It has gotten to the point that I have completely stopped working in my kitchen space (even making a short and simple dinner has become extremely difficult) and I have become stagnant in what I need to do. I hope he can find a family whose lifestyle is more suitable for him. I love him a lot but I’ve thought long and hard and come to the conclusion that I cannot sustain this lifestyle right now when I need to put a lot of my focus on personal growth at this point in my life.

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