Grey Tabby Cat For Adoption In NYC – Supplies Included – Adopt Lily

Grey Tabby Cat For Adoption in NYC – Supplies Included – Adopt Lily

Lily Tabby and White Cat Adoption NYC

Meet Lily – A Cute Little Tabby Cat For Adoption in Nanuet NY, Near New York City

A DSH Tabby cat for adoption near NYC in Nanuet NY, Lily is waiting to meet you. This sweet 3.5 year old female cat, Lily weighs just 10 pounds. She is a sweet and slightly shy young cat. Lily is in good health. She has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Lily is fastidious and uses the litter box with no accidents.

Lily was a feral cat before she was encouraged to come indoors by her foster Mom. According to her foster, Lily walked right in as if she had always been an indoors cat and has been enjoying the pampered life ever since.

Lily is playful and adorable. She is good with her foster, and a neighbor whom she absolutely loves. She can be shy with newcomers, but once she convinces herself that a new person is safe, she can be very affectionate. Lily is a wonderful pet that gets along very well with other cats in her home.

Lily’s foster has 5 cats of her own, and although she would love to keep her, she simply cannot afford one more cat. Lily is looking for her forever home with a cat person who will be patient with her as she gets used to new surroundings and people. As mentioned she would be a great addition to a home with another cat. An adopter willing to be patient with Lily will be rewarded with a sweet companion that is playful, cheerful and affectionate (although likely not a lap cat).

Lily will be rehomed with some supplies and vet records. Adopt this amazing little white and Tabby cat today.

Lily’s foster owner describes her as follows:

1 – She is very adaptable, having made a very successful transition from being part of a feral colony to being a house cat.
2 – She loves cats, gets along with them well
3 – She is playful – loves toy mice and interactive toys
4 – She is so cute!
5 – She took to the litter quickly. No accidents.
6 – She is a good eater – not pickyE.

If you have room in your heart and home for this amazing Tabby cat for adoption near Albany NY, please contact our cat rehoming team. We look forward to hearing from you.

There is a $35.00 adoption processing fee. Some supplies and vet records will be included.


Questions about Lily? Contact our Tabby Cat Rehoming team today.
Text “LILY” to (888) 833-2128

Thank you for your interest in this cute Tabby cat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Facts About Lily

Name of Pet: Lily
♥ Location: Nanuet, NY  10954
♥ Type of Pet: Cat
♥ Breed of Pet: Tabby Cat
♥ Color / Coat Type: Black & White Brown
♥ Age of Pet: 3 1/2
♥ Size of Pet: small
Weight: 10
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with dogs?:Unknown
Good with small kids?:No
Good with older kids?:
♥ Health Problems: No
♥ Behavior Issues: Yes Lilly is a former colony cat that has been living indoors for about 7 months. She does not hide but is timid with some people regarding touch. She is currently with a foster who can’t pet her too much but when the neighbor visits Lily becomes a love bug.
♥ Fixed: Yes
♥ Fully vaccinated: Yes
♥ Litterbox Trained: Yes
Tattoed/Microchipped: No

All About Lily

Lily’s Personality

Lily is a former colony cat so she is timid with touch but she is bold and brave in her new environment. Since living indoors she walks around the apartment like she’s always been here. She sleeps on the foster’s bed all the time with the other kitties. She also loves looking out the window while hanging on the cat trees enjoying fresh air. But what amazes me most is whenever I clean she doesn’t freak out like some of the other cats do. She’s not a nervous wreck who freaks out when a plastic bag is being moved. When I vacuum she leaves the room but doesn’t hide under the bed like 2 of the other cats do. Lily just goes to another room and waits until I am done and then returns.

1 – How quickly she’s adjusted to being indoors considering she was outside for the beginning of her life.
2 – She loves cats, gets along with them
3 – Playful – loves toy mice and interactive toys
4 – So cute!
5 – Took to the litter ASAP. No accidents.
6 – Eats well

Lily’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

Lily is a great eater. Eats both wet and dry food. There is a big plush toy that I bought so cats can sleep on it or play with it. Lilly was very scared of it at first and ignored the toy for weeks. And then all of a sudden I hear “commotion” and I look and it’s Lilly wrestling and rolling all over the toy. It was great. She looked happy.

She likes toy mice and anything with a string that has something at the end (a bird, a mouse).

Cute Lily Story:

On the day she returned to the colony after it was thought that she had left for good, Lilly returned dirty, hungry and thin. She came to the apartment building door crying and walked right in and came right to my door for help. I fed her immediately and she went to the storage room of the building which we turned into a place for her to rest and get healthy. She was not hurt. I think she was locked in a shed somewhere and was just released. She was gone for about 3 months.

Why is Lily Being Rehomed?

After a few days in the storage room Lilly became very affectionate with my neighbor. My neighbor was able to pet Lilly often. The neighbor wondered if we could find the cat a home instead of putting her back out. We contacted someone who has fostered in the past and help with finding homes for kittens from the colony. That person agreed to take Lilly but not immediately which is why Lily was brought into the foster’s apartment. The was suppose to be temporary. The person who was supposed to take her backed out and the foster can not keep her. She already has 5 and can not afford anymore. And it would be cruel to put Lily back out at this point. She’s adjusted to the point of no return. But a shelter is not an option. She’ll revert back to being a feral and all the progress she made will be gone.

Lily’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

She would be perfect for someone who wants to get their current cat a home. Lily is very comfortable with cats. She’s met 5 cats with very different personalities and she gets along with them all. Lily needs a home with an experienced cat person. Someone patient and willing to build a relationship with her. If a person wants an instant cuddle bug then Lily is not the cat for them.

Additional Comments:

Questions about Lily?

Contact our Nanuet Cat rehoming team today. Text “Lily” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lily’s Location

Lily is located near the following towns and cities in NY.

Pearl River NY,
Spring Valley NY,
Monsey NY,
New City NY,
Hillsdale NJ,
Westwood NJ,
Ramsey NJ,
Suffern NY,
Waldwick NJ,
Haverstraw NY,
Sleepy Hollow NY,
Tarrytown NY,
West Haverstraw NY,
Dobbs Ferry NY,
Ridgewood NJ,

Adopt Lily today!

How To Adopt Lily

If you are interested in adopting this special Domestic Shorthair mix Cat for adoption in Nanuet, NY, please fill out our online meeting request form below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Lily? Contact our Domestic Shorthair rehoming team today. Text “Lily” to (888) 833-2128 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest in this stunning Domestic Shorthair White + Tabby Cat for adoption in Nanuet NY.