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Wondering where to find Cavapoos for adoption by owner? Looking to adopt a Cavapoo dog or puppy? Trying to locate Cavapoo rescues near you? We are a private Cavapoo rehoming service dedicated to uniting preloved Cava-poo dogs and their owners with responsible people hoping to adopt a Cavapoo. These small breed dogs are hugely popular, and we are frequently tasked with rehoming Cavapoo dogs and puppies from throughout the USA and Canada.

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Need To Find a Good Home For Your Cavapoo Dog or Puppy?

Yorkipoo puppy photo (7)

If you are in the distressing situation of having to rehome your Maltipoo dog or puppy, we offer the most stress-free, sensible, safe and comforting process for finding your dog the right new home – his “forever home” with people who can provide everything you need and want for your beloved tiny dog. Talk to one of our compassionate and knowledgeable dog rehoming coordinators today.

Call or text us toll free on (888) 720-3322, fill out our no obligation information request, or email us at [email protected]. We will set up a mutually convenient time for a courtesy telephone call to answer all your questions, provide you with some much-needed empathy, provide some good advice, and give you hope and peace-of-mind about your dog’s future welfare and well-being. We are here for you.

Yorkipoos For Adoption Near You

The Yorkipoo dogs and puppies listed below are being rehomed through Pet Rehoming Network. These dogs remain in the loving care of their owners while we look for suitable homes in which to place them. In general, these dogs have no health or behavior issues. They are being rehomed due to circumstances in their owners lives that make providing the best care for these precious Yorkipoos difficult. Most of these dogs will be rehomed with all supplies, and veterinary records, so that they can be shared with your veterinarian of choice. Adopt a preloved Yorkipoo today.

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Cavapoo for adoption in new york city ny – supplies included – adopt nala

Cavapoo For Adoption in New York City NY – Supplies Included – Adopt Nala

Meet Nala, a Cavapoo for adoption in New York NY. Being rehomed privately by her owners, Nala is just 18 months old and weighs 25 pounds. She has big brown eyes, a soft, fluffy coat in white, with Apricot colored ears and a very pretty face.

Nala has been spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated, crate trained, housebroken, leash-trained, and obedience-trained. She is good with other dogs, and gets along well with older, well-behaved children.

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Handsome cavapoo cavoodle puppy for adoption in atlanta (brookhaven) ga – supplies included – adopt henry

Handsome Cavapoo Cavoodle Puppy for Adoption in Atlanta (Brookhaven) GA – Supplies Included – Adopt Henry

Meet Henry – Cavapoo Puppy For Adoption in Brookhaven, GA

Have you been looking for a Cavapoo puppy for adoption in Atlanta and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Henry, a very special puppy in need of a loving, forever home.

Just 7 months old and weighing 15 pounds, Henry is healthy, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. Henry will need to be neutered. He is house-broken and crate trained.
This energetic Cavapoo puppy has a very loving personality and is good with respectful, older children, and other dogs. He has no experience with cats.

Henry will be rehomed with supplies, accessories and vet records. Adopt this deserving Cavapoo puppy in Brookhaven, GA today. There is a rehoming fee.

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Yorkipoo for adoption in calgary – supplies included – adopt 18 month old rocky

Yorkipoo For Adoption in Calgary – Supplies Included – Adopt 18 Month Old Rocky

Meet Rocky, the charmer from Calgary! This Yorkipoo is no ordinary dog, he is a blend of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle – an amalgam of intelligence, loyalty, and cuteness. He’s a petite black beauty at 18 months old and a lightweight at just 7 pounds.

Rocky is an epicurean delight! He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to food. From bacon to beef, chicken to pork, and even fruits like apples, oranges, and watermelons – this boy loves it all. He’s even a fan of sweet treats.

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Yorkshire terrier for adoption in miami fort lauderdale florida – meet pretty little penny

Yorkshire Terrier For Adoption in Miami Fort Lauderdale Florida – Meet Pretty Little Penny

Have you been looking for a Yorkiepoo dog for adoption in Miami, Florida and area?

Pet Rehoming Network is pleased to present Penny, a very special pet in need of a loving, forever home.

Penny is healthy and has been fixed, is up to date on shots and micro-chipped. This Yorkie Poodle mix dog has a loving personality and is good with children, dogs and cats.

Penny will be rehomed with supplies and vet records. Adopt this deserving Yorkie-poo dog in Jacksonville, Florida today.

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Didn’t Find the Dog of Your Dreams?

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While we may not have a Yorkipoo to adopt near you right now, we are constantly being asked to rehome these amazing little designer dogs.

Just fill out our waiting list form, and we will be happy to reach out to you when a Yorkipoo dog or puppy comes available for adoption near you.

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Yorkipoo Rehoming Services

Are you an owner facing the very difficult situation of having to rehome a Yorkipoo dog or puppy? We know how much you cherish your tiny fluffy companion, and our proven small dog rehoming process will find the right new owner for your furbaby. Going from one loving home to another keeps your Yorkipoo – and you – from experiencing the anxiety and stress that surrendering your dog to a shelter or rescue can create.

Our very caring team of adoption specialists will find a home that is perfect for your dog. A home where everything you want for your Yorkipoo is provided. Constant companionship, a nutritious diet, regular vet care and unlimited, unconditional love are exactly what we look for in a new home for your pet.

If you are in need of safe, stress-free Yorkipoo rehoming services, get it touch with us today. Complete our intake form and one of our intake counselors will call you to discuss your situation and the benefits of using our careful approach to rehoming small lap dogs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Request Yorkipoo Rehoming ServicesContact our Yorkipoo Rehoming Team

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Is a Yorkipoo Right For You?

Looking for a super cute, teeny tiny puppy to spoil? Look no further than the Yorki-poo, the adorable result of crossing a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) dog with a Toy Poodle. This charming small designer breed dog is gaining popularity due to it’s tiny size, exceptional health, and utterly cute appearance. Yorkipoos are the ultimate lap dogs; content to curl up and be adored day in and day out.

But take heed; the Yorki-poo is not a dog that can be left home alone for 8 to 10 hours a day while you are at work. This tiny pooch needs a warm lap to curl up in almost 24/7. The breed is ideal for retired or work-from-home dog lovers who can be with their little companion constantly.

Yorkipoos are not suitable for families with small children, either. They are as delicate as china teacups and can easily be injured by a squeeze or from being dropped. The biggest risk is injuring a leg in a mad dash to run away from the unwanted attention of a small child.

Yorkipoo Information Resources

7 Things You Need to Know About the Yorkipoo


Adopt a Yorkipoo or get help finding a good home for your pre loved Yorki-poo. Contact our Yorkipoo dog rehoming team today.

Yorkipoo puppy photo (6)

Yorkipoo Rescue Resources

Looking for Yorkipoo rescues near you? The following organizations work to rescue and rehome Yorkipoos and other small breed dogs in the USA and Canada. If you are hoping to adopt a Cavapoo rescue dog, reach out using the links below.

Save a yorkie rescue