Sweet Sunny – Male Ginger Tabby Seeks Loving Home – Supplies Included – Addison NY


Hi, My name is Sunny!Ginger Tabby For Adoption Addison NY

My name is Sunny and I will make you smile.  Think of me as your cat-shaped ray of sunshine and I’ll brighten your days!

I’ve been a stray, so people aren’t quite sure of my age, but thanks to my kind friends, I’ve had my shots and been neutered.

I love the people who have taken me in, but they have too many pets already for me to ever feel at home indoors.  A chocolate Labrador retriever and 6 cats is just a little too busy for my laid-back ways.

I did try staying in a home that had a little dog and kids, but it just wasn’t for me.  Little dogs like to bark and little kids like to pick me up – that is hard to take when I have spent a lot of time calling my own shots.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice place and the adults were great, but it was just too much of an adjustment for me.

I am a very “happy go lucky ” boy and I’d much rather spend my time being the center of attention to the people of the house than trying to fit in with a home that has a lot of pets and kids. Did I mention that I’ll make you smile?    The friends I have now have been so generous to me and even set me up with a bed and a spot on their porch.

They feed me regularly and  look after me, but I’m ready to take the next step towards being your full-time cat and maybe get used to living indoors again.  The photo here shows me snoozing in a flower basket. That is the way that I roll – just looking to curl up and make myself at home.

I like to make friends and don’t really mind other cats that much, but it isn’t always easy when you have too many pets to fit in with.  Kids are nice, but they make me nervous. It is very tough to relax around them.  My friends tell me that I need a small family with just one or two people that I can devote my attentions to.

I’m willing to come when you call me, and I love to show you when I am happy.  Things here in Addison, NY are pretty calm, and I do enjoy the outdoors, so please try to keep that in mind if you are thinking of making me an apartment cat. No matter how great you are as a pet owner, it will likely take me a little adjustment time as I switch to an indoor life with you. Just remember the smiles, and it will be well worth the adjustment!

In case you are wondering. Addison is not far from Elmira, Woods Corner, Campbell, Gang Mills or Corning. NY. ( About half way between Buffalo and Binghampton. )

Please offer me a loving, forever home today. If you have any questions about me, please feel free to call Debbie at (888) 720-3322 or send an email.

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Rehoming Fee Will Be Waived For the Right Home. All supplies will be included.

All About Sunny

Name of Pet: Sunny
Location: , , Addison, NY
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed of Pet:
Sex of Pet: Male[/one_half]

Age of Pet: Unknown
Spayed/Neutered?: Yes
Health Problems:
Up To Date on Vaccinations: Yes
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with dogs: Yes
Good with Children?: Unknown
House Broken or Litter Trained?: Unknown
Crate Trained?:
Accessories Included: Whatever he needs.

Sunny’s Personality

He is a kind hearted cat. He comes to you when he is called. He seems to want to be friendly with my cats. He is very affectionate. He is smart.

Sunny’s Current Home Environment

Calm and serene. I live out in the country.

Sunny’s Current Family:

There is my husband and myself, along with Gunner, our chocolate lab and we have 6 cats that live inside but go outside as well. So you can see why we need to find this stray cat a home. He has been sleeping on my porch for a month. I made him a bed and of course I have been feeding him.

Sunny’s Favorite Toys, Foods, Activities?

I have been feeding him Fromm cat food and giving him cat treats.

Cute Sunny Story:

The picture I sent of him sleeping in the flower basket says it all. He is very sweet!

Why is Sunny Being Rehomed?

I have been caring for him for about a month now. I am paying to have him fixed and getting him his shots on Monday. He just showed up at my house. I tried to re home him with our neighbor who lives a quarter of a mile down the road and came back to my house. She had a little dog and little kids. He didn’t like that.

Sunny’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Sunny would do well with a couple or one person. He would also do well with an elderly person. He seems to get nervous around young children and dogs that he is unfamiliar with.

Additional Comments:

I would like to check in to make sure he is doing okay. Once I know this then I wouldn’t need to contact them.

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