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hypoallergenic cats for adoption - Bengal Cat

Hypoallergenic Cats For Adoption Near You – Adopt an Allergy-Friendly Cat or Kitten

Adopt a Hypo-allergenic Cat Near You

Looking for hypoallergenic cats for adoption near you? Pet Adoptions Network rehomes cats and kittens of all breeds and breed mixes. With a number of different cat breeds considered to be allergy-friendly, you can often find one of these sneeze-free cats and kittens right here. (And you are also welcome to add your name to our waiting list, and we will contact you when a cat considered to be hypoallergenic comes available in your area.


Need to Rehome Your Hypoallergenic Cat?

We help responsible cat owners find good homes for allergy friendly cats throughout the USA and Canada. Click here to contact our cat rehoming team. We will be happy to discuss your situation and how we can make finding a good home for your cat as stress-free and safe as possible. We have carefully rehomed thousands of cats for cat lovers nation-wide. Read our article on Rehoming Your Cat Due to Allergies .


Siamese Cat Photo

Do Allergy-Friendly Cats Even Exist?

There are a number of cat breeds that are considered to be hypo-allergenic, but there are no cats that are 100% allergy-friendly. Much of this depends on you, your immune system and your cat. So even if you do adopt a hypo-allergenic breed of cat, you may still have symptoms, although they would likely be much less intense.

There is a protein found in the saliva of cats called Fel-D. Cats are fastidious self-groomers, so each time your cat licks himself, particles of Fel-D stick to the cat’s coat, and then become  air-borne once dry. These minute particles are then deposited anywhere your cat has been; the sofa, your bed, your lap, your carpets, your clothing, and the list goes on.

There are many measures you can take to reduce or almost eliminate the allergens and dander in your home, cat and all, so be sure to check out our article and recommendations.

Hypoallergenic Cats For Adoption Near You

Balinese Hypoallergenic Cat For Adoption

Balinese Cats For Adoption

The long-haired cousin to the Siamese, the Balinese cat combines the effortless grace and fine lines of the Siamese with a long, silky coat that is known to be hypo-allergenic or allergy-friendly. This coat was originally considered to be an undesirable trait among US Siamese breeders when it first appeared in the 1950’s. But when two long-haired Siamese cats were bred together, it was discovered that the longhaired Siamese was actually a true breed.

The Balinese, so named for the beauty and grace of Balinese dancers, can be compared to the Himalayan, but possesses the fine, long lines of the Siamese. Unlike the Himalayan, the soft and silky coat of the Balinese requires much less grooming. Balinese are wonderful companions!

They are affectionate, inquisitive, intelligent, playful and gentle with the people they love. Balinese are very sociable, and like very much to spend time with their humans. Balinese cats are exquisite creatures that display four colors; seal-point, chocolate-point, blue-point and lilac-point.


Photo of a beautiful Bengal cat

Bengal Cats For Adoption Near You

The origins of the Bengal Cat stem from the first pairing of a wild Asian Leopard Cat, a small, forest-dwelling cat found in Asia and India, and a domesticated cat, which occurred more that 35 years ago. The Bengal cat has since purred it’s way into the hearts and homes of cat fanciers world wide, and is currently one of the most popular cat breeds, with an added fan base of cat lovers with allergies, since the Bengal’s coat seems to be hypoallergenic for most people.

The exotic beauty, affectionate nature and intelligence of the Bengal cat has since inspired many other hybrid cat breeds, including the Savannah cat.
The Bengal cat has a gorgeous, shiny camouflage coat, perky, attentive ears, amazing physical prowess and an extremely high level of intelligence.

Bengal cats are playful, laid-back, affectionate, curious and almost dog-like. They can be trained to walk on a leash and many of them actually like water! If you’re an apartment dweller, and have your heart set on a dog, but not enough room, a Bengal is the next best choice. Bengals make fun, affectionate, wonderful pets and are great with children, dogs and other animals. Bengal cats are addictive! Like potato chips, it’s hard to stop at just one.

Burmese Cats For Adoption

To the beautiful, affectionate breed known as Burmese, happiness is a warm lap! This loveable, people-oriented cat originated in Burma, and was developed as a distinct breed in the United States in the 1930’s.

Often described as “bricks wearing silk” these cats are remarkably heavy for their size. The soft, silky short coat comes in four shades; sable, champagne, blue and platinum. It’s lovely to run your hands through – even for those with cat allergies, since it is considered to be non-allergenic.

Known for their uncanny ability to make a cat-lover out of almost anyone, these adorable felines take companionship to extremes – wanting a hand – or should we say “a paw” – in everything that you are doing.

Make room, because Burmese love to cuddle up with you in bed. Burmese should never be allowed outside as they are very dependent upon humans and have very little in the way of survival instincts to help them fend off other animals or avoid traffic.

They are intelligent and charming creatures and get along well with well-behaved children and dogs introduced at an early age. Watch out, though, Burmese can be addicting – it’s hard to stop at just one!

Cornish Rex Hypoallergenic Cat For Adoption

Cornish Rex Cats For Adoption

The Cornish Rex cat gets his name from the Rex rabbit The similarities come from the unusual wavy coat that is so soft and considered to be hypoallergenic. This cat is very lean and resembles a Whippet dog with its arched back and pulled up stomach. Long, thin legs and the way it poses on its feet make the cat look as if it’s standing on tiptoe.

The coat on the Cornish Rex is its most unusual feature. Short and very soft it lies quite close to the body and appears as waves of curls all over the cat including it’s stomach.

The Cornish Rex is a most affectionate cat who is active and playful. Cornish Rex cats will fetch and catch and will be like a kitten far into his maturity.

Devon Rex Hypoallergenic Cat For Adoption

Devon Rex Cats For Adoption Near You

Devon Rex are the true Pixies of the cat world! The Devon Rex came to be due to a genetic mutation causing it’s unusual coat that has the added benefit of being allergy friendly. The Devon Rex was recognized, along with the Cornish Rex to be a distinct breed in Britain in 1967.

Devon Rex ears are large, and seem oversized in relation to the unique ‘pixie elf’ head shape. ‘Pixie’ also describes the breed’s delightful personality! Full of fun, the active Devon Rex is definitely a people cat!

Dog-like in personality, many retrieve their toys endlessly. The Devon Rex seems to wag its tail hen happy, and has been nicknamed the ‘poodle cat.’ The Devon Rex has a velvety soft coat that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and does not shed harmonize with the coat.

Javanese Hypoallergenic Cat For Adoption

Javanese Cats For Adoption Near You?

(Sorry, not at the moment. They are quite rare!)

This ancient, rare breed of cat was originally found in Japan and throughout most of southeast Asia. These beautiful and very active cats have a very unique tail which looks like a pom-pom – the result of a distinctive combination of curves that is unique to each cat.

Javanese cats are long and lanky with very sleek and powerful legs that make them very adept at running and leaping (look out, nick nacks!) Very intelligent and affectionate, the Javanese has a distinctive oriental look that is given by high cheekbones and slightly almond-shaped eyes. This exquisite cat comes in a rainbow of colors and coat patterns in both long-haired and short-haired varieties.

A word of caution – Javanese Cats are addictive! It’s hard to stop at owning just one!

LaPerm Cats For Adoption

The hypo-allergenic LaPerm cat breed is “low maintenance”, requiring minimum grooming because the coat does not easily mat. LaPerms’ curls hold the hair, much like that of the Poodle, so shedding is minimal. Bath and towel drying is all that is required to maintain the curl. Blow drying tends to make the hair frizz. After the coat is totally dry, spritzing with a fine mist of plain water works well to achieve even more curl.

The coat on both the short and long-haired varieties may vary in length and fullness depending upon the season and the maturity of the cat. Both males and females have a full ruff on the neck at maturity. The face and head of the LaPerm are triangular in shape with wide-set ears and large, expressive eyes. They even boast a splendid set of curly whiskers.

Their legs are elongated in proportion to their small-to-medium-sized bodies. Males tend to weigh about 7-12 pounds while females grow to be 5 to 6 pounds. Although the look of each kitten varies, one thing always remains the same: the great personality of this new breed. Even the occasional straight-haired kitten is blessed with it, which makes finding good homes for them very easy.

LaPerm cats are very gentle and affectionate. They seek human contact and purr as soon as they become aware of your presence. These cats are face lovers; they will reach for your face with their paws and rub their faces against your head, neck and face. LaPerm cats love being kissed and will kiss back. They beg to be held, drooped over a shoulder or cradled in your arms while resting on their backs.

LaPerm cats are inquisitive in nature, always wanting to know what is going on around them. Kittens have been known to stop nursing and seek out the source of a human voice even before their eyes are open. They are generally quiet-voiced but may be vocal when wanting attention. Being a working cat on the farm, they are excellent hunters, as well as gentle companions. They adapt well to apartment living because of their strong bonding instincts.

Orange Tabby Maine Coon and Calico Cat For Adoption in Texas

Maine Coon Cats For Adoption

The most popular of all hypoallergenic cat breeds, the Maine Coon is the oldest indigenous breed of domestic cat in North America. It originated in the State of Maine, where early frontiersmen believed that these large cats were the result of breeding between a domestic cat and a raccoon.

Maine Coon Cats are considered to be the “puppies” of the cat world. They love people and want to be involved in every aspect of family life. Many people consider the Maine Coon to be the “perfect pet” with their unusual personalities, habits and tricks – and eagerness to help with every activity in the house. Maine Coons never lose the urge to play their whole lives, and somehow manage to inch their way into the hearts and affections of everyone they meet, whether it be people or other animals.

Oriental Shorthair Cat image

Oriental Shorthair Cats For Adoption

Take the colorful personality and sinewy grace of the Siamese cat, and cross it with the unique characteristics of other popular cat breeds and what do you get? The delightful (and hypo-allergenic) feline companion known as the Oriental Shorthair Cat!

These beautiful, graceful cats have the elegant, svelte Siamese body type and come in over 300 colors including solid, tabby, smoke, parti-colored and bi-color. A wedge-shaped head and great big beautiful ears give these adorable cats a true “Oriental” appearance. Orientals are very gregarious! They love attention and can be counted on to help you out with all your daily tasks, from brushing your teeth to making the bed, and they love a good cat nap on your lap or nuzzling your chin.

The short, sleek coat requires minimal grooming. For those of you who are looking for a cat to love and a cat that you will love to look at – the Oriental Shorthair is an excellent choice. They make a wonderful addition to the family. They require a strict daily regimen of play, hugs and kisses!


Sphynx Cat Image

Hairless Sphynx Cats For Adoption

The Sphynx cat has to be the most unusual breed in existence, as, unlike other cats, the Sphynx is hairless. The soft, somewhat oily coat is considered to be allergy friendly by most cat lovers.

The Sphynx is said to be named so because early breeders felt that there was a similarity between their cats and the Egyptian cat sculptures in the British Museum and the Louvre. The Sphynx is also known as the Canadian Hairless Cat. First bred in Canada, the Sphynx cat originated from a mutant hairless kitten that was born in a litter of shorthaired cats in 1966.

Sphynx cats of today are highly affectionate, sociable and intelligent. They get along well with other animals in the household. Sphynx cats have an alert, affectionate and inquisitive nature that makes them a truly wonderful pet.

They were described in TICA 86 Show program as the most loving cat it is possible to meet. Sphynx cats come in a variety of colors. The skin and down can be any recognized color and pattern, and the eye color should harmonize with the coat.


Russian Blue Cats For Adoption

The Hypoallergenic Russian Blue cat is quiet, shy, very affectionate and devoted to its owners. The healthy easy to care for Russian Blue is an elegant cat. It’s origination is the northerly regions of Russia and Scandinavia..

The Russian Blue has a long, muscular body with fine bones. It’s legs are long and slender with fine bones. He has a double coat that is short, thick and luxurious. No other cat has a coat like the Russian Blue; the silver tipping gives the coat a beautiful, silvery shine. Russian Blues are a tame and loving cat breed. They are playful and get along well with children, and other pets. Russian Blues are quite smart; many have been trained to fetch like a dog, and even open doors.

Siamese Cat Photo

Siamese Cats For Adoption

Siamese cats are very intelligent and inquisitive and are famous for their unique vocalizations, which many people have compared to the sound of a baby crying. And what some folks don’t realize is that the Siamese cat is an allergy friendly breed. Siamese cats come in a wide range of colors from lilac point to chocolate point, as well as markings, which range from tabby point to fawn point.

Siamese cats are famous for their exceptional temperament. They are intelligent, people-oriented cats, friendly, and affectionate. The Siamese cat’s fairly balanced activity level makes it most suitable for apartment living. One of the most distinctive features of the Siamese cat breed is their voice. They can be very loud at times. Siamese cats are claimed to speak both with their voice and with their body.


Siberian Cat Photo
Siberian Cats For Adoption

If you’re looking for a great big huggable, loveable, playful and hypo-allergenic ball of fur, the Siberian Cat is an excellent choice! Siberian cats are large, beautiful cats that are as sweet, gentle, affectionate and playful as they are powerful. Siberian cats have a muscular mid-section and longer hind legs, making them powerful leapers (look out knick knacks!). They have a dense coat and long, bushy tail which helped to keep them warm in the cold climates from which they originated. Despite it’s length, the Siberian cat’s coat requires minimal grooming as it does not mat like other long-haired breeds. A Siberian kitten is a great choice for the cat lover with allergies – as they do not have FeLD protein in their saliva which creates dander, and are hypoallergenic, or not an allergy problem to most allergy sufferers. Siberian cats do require one important regimen – daily hugs and kisses!

We hope that through our cat adoption listings, you have been able to locate a hypoallergenic cat for adoption near you. If you have not been successful, please feel free to add your name to our waiting list, and our cat rehoming team will contact you when we have an adoptable allergy friendly cat available in your area.

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