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American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog For Adoption in Tulsa (Eufaula) OK – Adopt Hank

Hank, Pit bull Mix Dog For Adoption in Eufaula OK

Meet Hank, Pit bull Mix Dog For Adoption in Eufaula OK

Hank is a good ole American Pit Bull Terrier mix dog for adoption in Oklahoma, near Tulsa. He is handsome and well behaved, just 7 years old and weighs an impressive 85 pounds. Hank is good with older, respectful children and adults.  He is neutered, fully vaccinated, house broken and leash trained.

Hank just needs a good home where he can be the only pet. He has a lot of love to give, and he is a dog that makes you feel very safe on your property. This sweet Pitbull mix would be a great fit for someone living on a ranch, acreage, farm or country home with a big yard. He’s definitely not a “dog park” dog, but if you’re looking for a trusted friend, protector and amazing companion, Hank is just what you need.

Hank’s owner has 8 dogs, and it’s not a good fit for him, as he keeps getting in fights. He will be much happier in a home where he doesn’t have to compete with other dogs for his place in the pack order. If you are looking for a great dog and best friend, please offer Hank his forever home today.

How To Adopt Hank

If you are interested in this special Pit bull mix dog for adoption in Tulsa (Eufaula) Oklahoma, please fill out our online meeting request below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask Hank’s owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

Request to Adopt Hank Here

There is a $100 adoption/rehoming fee. Some supplies and veterinary records will be included.

Questions about Hank? Contact our Pit bull mix Dog rehoming team today.

Text “HankOK” to (888) 833-2128 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

All About Hank – Pit bull mix Dog For Adoption in Eufaula OK

Name of Pet: Hank
Location: Eufaula, OK, 74432
Type of Pet: Dog
Breed of Pet: Pit bull mix
Color / Coat Type: Brown/short
Age of Pet: 7 years
Size of Pet: 85
Health Problems: No
Behavior Issues: Yes
Very sweet and loving dog with humans but is animal aggressive. He has gotten into fights with multiple dogs.
Gets along with: Older Children, Adults Only
Pet is: Neutered, Fully vaccinated, House Broken, Leash Trained
Food: Other
Rachel Ray Nutrish adult dog food

Hank’s Personality

Docile and very well behaved with humans. Follows commands, is housebroken and affectionate. In the past, when he has gotten into fights with my other dogs, it has been very hard to get him to stop. He has never bitten either of us or any of our friends or family.

Whenever Hank is alone with either my husband or I, such as when taking him on a car ride or walk, he is the MOST relaxed and gentle dog. However, if you get him around other dogs, he will become keyed up, which makes him prone to aggression towards them. As a result, I have always wanted to find a home for him that did not have other dogs. It’s obvious that other dogs make him feel threatened, and as a result we see the aggression.

Why is Hank Being Rehomed?

I have 8 dogs and cannot keep Hank from attacking my other dogs. Hank has never tried to hurt my cat, but I would assume he should simply be placed in a home without other pets.

Hank’s Perfect Adoptive Home Will Be:

Hank is in need of a home where he can be the only pet. He is a great companion and protector. This makes him a wonderful fit for folks living out on a ranch, farm or acreage. Hank’s the real deal – a great dog that, if needed, would die for his owners.

Hank – Pit Bull Mix Dog For Adoption in Eufaula OK

Hank is an American Pit Bull Terrier mix dog for rehoming in Eufaula, OK. He is located near the following towns and cities in Oklahoma and Arkansas:

Eufaula OK,
Okmulgee OK,
Muskogee OK,
Bixby OK,
Broken Arrow OK,
Jenks OK,
Tahlequah OK,
Sapulpa OK,
Tulsa OK,
Sand Springs OK,
Fort Smith, AR
Owasso OK,
Van Buren, AR
Claremore OK,
Ada OK,
Shawnee OK,

Adopt this Pit bull mix Dog in Tulsa OK today.