SURRENDERED – Hampton – Handsome Tabby American Bobtail Cat Cleveland Ohio


What an incredibly sad situation! After enlisting our efforts in looking for a good home for this cute little senior cat, the owner advised us that she could no longer wait, and surrendered him to a shelter, where he will no doubt be euthanized.

Our rehoming team put a great deal of effort into searching for the right home for Hampton, but had not yet found the right home when we were informed of the owner’s decision. Rehoming a senior cat is never easy, but our team will always put in as much time as it takes. In this case, we were given just 6 weeks before the owner decided to put her longtime companion in a shelter. So disheartening!

Hi, My name is Hampton!

Hampton – American Bobtail Cat For Adoption in Cleveland from Pet Rehoming Network on Vimeo.

Hampton is so handsome! This exquisite male tabby American Bobtail cat is just 10 years old, and such a nice kitty. He is absolutely adorable – and his personality shines. Hampton is very healthy, neutered, up to date on shots, clean, litter box trained and well behaved.

Hampton American Bobtail Cat Adoption Cleveland 4Hampton is very talkative. He has very unique meow and it is so cute how he loves to follow you around carrying on a conversation. He is very helpful, too. Whether you need help folding the laundry, or a furry someone to make sure you make the bed properly, Hampton is your guy!

Hampton is best suited for a home where he can be the center of attention. He loves to be in the thick of things and is by no means one of those cats that keep to themselves. He is snuggly, companionable, and a great friend.

Hampton is fine with older, cat-friendly kids. He is not great with other cats, and some dogs frighten him. He would probably be fine with a very cat-friendly dog such as a Bichon Frise, Lab, etc.

Hampton’s owner loves him so much and rehoming him is not a decision she reached easily or without serious consideration. She wants the very best for him, and being away so much of the time with her extremely busy work schedule is not good for such a people oriented, affectionate cat. She is dearly hoping to find him a great home where he will be cherished, given lots of love and attention, and where all his needs will be met.

Hampton American Bobtail Cat Adoption Cleveland 4Hampton will be rehomed with his supplies, along with the sincere gratitude and friendship of his owner, who would very much love to be kept informed on how he is doing.

Please offer Hampton the home he needs and very much deserves today. He can’t wait to meow his way into your heart and home..

All About Hampton

Location: Lakewood, Ohio, 44107 (Cleveland)
Type of Pet: Cat
Breed: American Bobtail
Age: 10
Color/Coat Type: short hair/beige/black
Size: 8 lbs.
Health Issues: No
Behavior Issues: No

Hampton is:
Neutered, Fully vaccinated, Litter Trained

Hampton gets along with:
Older Children, Adults


Hampton American Bobtail Cat Adoption Cleveland 4Hampton is a very sweet and loving cat. He has a very distinct way of meowing,
I call it talking. He enjoys being petted and will purr loudly showing his contentment. He is a very bright, smart cat, makes good eye contact and would appreciate being the only pet in the home. He loves being the center of attention. He is a great helper cat and good companion.

Food and Diet

Hampton is currently on Other

Hampton would benefit from soft foods. I have been feeding him food without additives or fillers. He loves chicken and fish, sweet potatoes, carrots and good grains like quinoa.

Reason For Rehoming

I have multiple things going on. I am having to move and really cannot afford to take Hampton with me. My job is also demanding more of my time and I am unable to provide the companionship and environment that he needs.